Hello from the AZ desert

Hi all! Nick here. I’m really excited to become part of this community. I currently work in Healthcare Applications/EMR for a hospital system and I’m a nurse. As someone with both a clinical and tech background, I think blockchain can really fix a lot of problems in healthcare today and I think it has great potential.

I learned about Cardano while reading up on various cryptocurrencies and this project stood out to me as ‘the one’ that can revolutionize healthcare, specifically because of the scalability and their scientific approach.

So here I am to hopefully learn more about how Cardano can be applied in my industry and maybe even spin up an dapp or two in the future to pilot.


Welcome to the forum @Nick_S! Great to have you here!

Welcome @Nick_S, more than two years ago I had the same feeling as you, this is “the one” :wink:

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