I am looking for developers to create a health decentralized blockchain plataform

Greetings tyo all Cardano comunity, i am health business entrepreneur in Colombia, and i am looking for developers to create a blockchain plataform so every single person can get in to it to solve health problems with healths professionals from all over the world, monetizing the services by ADA or other cryptocurrencies.
This project brings acces to health to every person anywhere deciding the best offer of specialist in the world.

Hello there :slight_smile:

I would suggest you might have better luck with a little more specifics about the qualifications / background you require for your project as there are many varieties of developers. For instance, do you need someone versed in Plutus? What languages or type of experience would be useful to you? Etc.

There is a developer / technical discord with a jobs channel in it although I am not certain if it is public at this time, perhaps you can get a link to that but I do not have one on hand.

You might also be able to attract some attention for your project on Catalyst (https://cardano.ideascale.com/), though you should have a detailed plan, and as I mentioned, specific needs for the devs you seek. Expect it to be a process, hopefully you can gain some traction this way. Good luck!

Thanks you very much