Looking for devs to help me create a new DEX for Cardano

Hello everyone,

As you have read from the title of this tread, I am looking for fellow devs who have experience in Cardano’s ecosystem and/or cryptocurrency/blockchain development in general in order to help me create a new dex built on ADA that is similar in scale and scope as other dexes on Ether such as Sushiswap. If you are interested you can contact me on telegram or Twitter @IAmAndM to discuss further in detail.


I have extensive experience in exchange architecture, market microstructure and complex business negotiations. Are you looking for assitance with any of this? I would prefer a DM on this platform and and then we can drop off into the other mediums if necessary

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Sure, send me a DM on here when you have a chance.

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More than happy to help

i am interested too, have been looking for a dev who can mentor me as well as create a dex on cardano ecosystem, kindly dm me on my telegram @garykyl or twitter @rilsosingkoren

With Regards,
Yeite Rilsosing Koireng