[AMA with Crosschain Community #2] Cardano | Harmony

AMA with Crosschain Community #2: Cardano | Harmony Recap (11 December 2022)

:calendar: Date: Sunday, 11 December 2022

:bulb: Purpose of this event:

  • Sharing knowledge & discussion about Harmony & their ecosystem
  • Answering question from both community about Harmony
  • Expand relationship with another community: Harmony Indonesia

:speaker: Host & Speakers:


The event duration is 2 hours . We hosted the workshop online using Zoom. In this meetup, we had discussion about Harmony and their ecosystem. We learned about Harmony ecosystem, how EVM works, their staking and NFT projects. There are so many possibility and opportunities to grow in the future and we love to support each other as communities.

We covered these topics during the workshop:

  • What is Harmony?
  • What is Harmony Ecosystem?
  • Staking in Harmony
  • EVM and how to use wallet at Harmony ecosystem
  • NFT projects at Harmony
  • Q&A

The next AMA with Cross-Chain Communities will be held on Sunday, 15 January 2022

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