American, USMC Veteran, 28 years permanent resident Japan, EU Blue Card Visa holder Sweden

Hi Team,

My name is Jason or BullDawg and I began my crypto journey in Atlanta, 2017, building miners. I met Charles the same year in Hong Kong at the ETC conference. I solved his question to the audience regarding a parable relating to the sun, a tree, a squirrel and a bird. #LucyTheBat

Currently, CEO, Nordic Colocation Computing AB, in Mariannelund, Sweden. My career began in secure telecommunications in 1987.

No crypto project is in the same league as Cardano ADA. I think it will be the model future developers will reference.

Happy to be here and I look forward to meeting everyone!


Hi Jason, Welcome!

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Welcome home Jason!

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Thanks for the introduction Jason! Looking forward to the future.

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Welcome, Jason. Thank you for your USMC service! Happy 4th!


Welcome BullDawg! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Cardano.

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