An update on the ITN

This should’ve been announced way earlier, there are many pools who operated perfectly and are now already shut down because they were unaware of the possible ITN extension. I can name a few but check and yourselves. Even these 2 websites were announcing/annoucned the end of the ITN. If Charles was 10 days off in his calculations (19 vs. 29 June, end of ITN) someone at IOHK should’ve yelled earlier that he was off :-).

Anyway, that said, it’s a bit weird that CF/IOHK/Emurgo now have to chase the stake pool operators via social media and announce the change in plans.

All right, that said I think that Romain & IOHK team did a great job trying to explain the future purpose of the ITN. It’s a clear message and I fully support this and understand what’s (not) to gain.

Looking forward to Charles’ black-board video!!!

This seems a little unfair to those of us who did not have coins in Daedalus the time of the snapshot. There were reasons that were out of our control. Remember that the Daedalus wallet was not working very well for quite some time, some of us had coins that were on Binance and we could not move them to a wallet, and some of us had life circumstances where we could not participate even though we held ADA (as an example, I was moving at the time and I did not have internet for a period of time.) Just a thought about how there are long term holders that could not participate.


In contrast, there may have been some lucky traders who had bought a nice amount, stored their ADA on Yoroi, sold all their ADA for BSV not long after the final snapshot, and has been staking on the ITN for the last 6 months.

It will also be kinda unfair for the stake pool operators who chose to extend the ITN by letting their pools keep running for a month just for the 2nd vote to not allow them to move that month’s rewards to the mainnet.

Not everything’s going to be perfect. There’ll be some lucky ones, while some not as much. Just hoping whoever makes a vote takes their sweet time to consider how their decision will affect the future of the system and everyone involved and will use it in the future, not just for purely personal financial gain (i.e. more ADA for me so yes or less ADA for me so no).

and welcome to the forums @Reebo let your voice be heard.


Get your jorvote app

All right guys, I just voted. It takes less than a minute to vote, about 10-20 seconds. Just follow what to do in the second link above. Everything went smoothly and I sent the Tx=vote to the blockchain but when I click “open transaction in the explorer” at the end of the voting process I get this error on
"There was an issue connecting to the network. Please check that you have a working internet connection and retry your search. If this issue persists, then we may be experiencing network problems. If so, the issue has been reported and we are working to resolve it as soon as possible. "

When I enter it manually using the Tx ID it says “invalid search” while this transaction ID was generated by “jorvote” app at the end of the voting process:
Your search term did not return any results. This is usually caused by incorrect formatting of the address, stake pool, block hash, transaction hash, or epoch number you searched for. Please double check your search term, and refer to the formatting information below to establish what might be incorrect.

So, the vote was correct but you cannot find it on the blockchain. Awesome :-)!

And yep I just checked the TX ID, it’s 64 characters… Transaction hashes are 64-character, case-sensitive hexadecimal strings so this should be seen on the blockchain. ITN blues…

@ada_deus - new post would be suitable for reporting issue, but there was a bug fix for this voting tool. Its pending the IOHK signing and should be out shortly , but can be accessed meanwhile here

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I’ll wait to check the signature but on testnets -> tools -> jorvote it’s still the old version. I hope that I’ll be able to cast the vote again but somehow I have a bad feeling that I won’t be able to do so… Let’s hope that I’m wrong, I’ll let you know if it was (not) successful…

Just tried and still not working with version 1.0.1…Unbelievable.
And why is this all over the place, amateur style, on Romain’s twitter on Nicolas’ twitter, etc…

To check the vote see

other nice link

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Just to be clear I was able to vote but when I click on the link at the end to find the Tx on the blockchain it still gives the same error… So, I don’t know what’s the problem here, was it me trying to vote again? But then it should give an error at the start… We still have the same issue as in v1.0.0 (“The reward account for retrieving the state was correct, but the one used to sign the transaction was different. It worked for some, failed for most.”) on to version 1.0.2, c’mon Nicolas!
Always reassuring when Nicolas’ says “No cryptographic material has been leaked.” gives us tons of confidence to vote and happiness to copy&paste keys… By the way, copy&pasting keys in 2020 is so silly I don’t have words what kind of amateur genius came up with this approach while we have Daedalus ITN and Yoroi testnet. Maybe, do it there…? Next time think about ideas before dropping them days before ITN is done!

EDIT: TX hash can now be found on the blockchain…with v1.0.1 and also here I can find it

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I voted on my Mac and it went smoothly except for the link to see my vote on the blockchain. Which address do I enter to see my vote? Thank you.

Your own Shelley address of course, click here (left side)
then click to on the left, for example this one
you’ll see your hash (transaction hash from your vote) and also you can click on address.

to see what your shelley address is go to daedalus/yoroi and click on receive to see your UTXOs…

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Thanks, they are having issues. Cheers!

No problem, cheers dude!

I think folk are on one, as you have said and a Cardano Foundation member has said is to create a new post but no one here is listening or reading and jumping on the 1st one that goes against the grain of there beliefs and opinions my friend, it would seem we have a runaway horse. :vulcan_salute: Myself included however I have withdrawn all my comments thx

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This is Great that we have decide to do a new snap shot and bring all of the ADA Comuntery back together and let have one have a say. I also hope this means that their will not be a 1:1 ratio air drop for all the ADA holders after the snap shot so everyone can benefit from the new ITN coin ofcourse Charles and IHOK will benefit massively from this so it is only right that All ADA holders do to I sure everyone agrees on that. An airdrop is a great idea and I for one will be grateful that i have held ADA for 4 years now. …

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