And that's it... Catalyst After Town Hall - The End of a Story

:smiling_face_with_tear:And thats it…
SWARM will host a last time a After Town Hall on September 27.

We are glad (and a bit proud) that we hosted that open Community Space without any interruption over the past 2+ Years. Many Collaborations and Partnerships have sparked out of this event and the value and impact which has been generated will last long :slight_smile:

However, the IOG Catalyst Team never made any real attempts in recognising the Community efforts in upholding or further developing this initiative, and almost 1 year of doing that for free and after several downvoted Proposals which would have allowed us to maintain and further develop the Event, we are finally stepping back. Looking back, it is sad to recognise that we can hardly speak about any real Collaboration from the IOG Catalyst Team.

Suggestions, recommenations or wishes from our side, never had been taken serious and the IOG Catalyst Team missed a great chance in taking the After Town Hall initiative as a playing field to train real collaborations with the Community. ( what also reflects and translates far beyond the Town Hall to Project Catalyst as whole )

However, ^^ We are looking for competent successors which are interested in taking over the After Town Hall and started conversations with People & Projects to get there :slight_smile:

We want to thank everyone who joined the spaces and made the open rooms a lively and interesting space.


We will host a last time a breakout room on Wednesday 27 ay 18.00 UTC to present short, yet a in depth reflection on the After Town Hall space, from June 2021 until September 2023 and to have a open discussion with everyone joining.

Also, we will prepare some major key-learning, observations and statement to the IOG Catalyst Team and their actions and evolutions since earliest Catalyst day’s until today.

Join us
September 27
at ~18.00 UTC ( Right After IOG Catalyst Team Town Hall when we are allowed to open the Community Space )
Live on Zoom:


SWARM ATH Recap: Discover The Power of Community!

Embark with us on a captivating journey through the Swarm After Town Hall (ATH) event. In this recap, we’ll take you through the highlights of more than 300 breakout rooms and introduce you to the dedicated facilitators who made it all possible.

Discover The Power of Community as we invite you to reflect on the Swarm ATH team’s incredible journey. [The Last ATH slides deck].

Now, the Team is passing the torch of hosting the After Town Hall event, but SWARM remains committed to the Cardano and Project Catalyst Ecosystems. Together, we recognize the opportunity for new innovation and stewardship within the community.

This ATH recap video provides a unique glimpse into the history and evolution of the ATH, from its beginnings on Crowdcast to its growth into a dynamic and inclusive community-driven event. It’s a celebration of collaboration, resilience, and the continuous quest for innovation within the cardano and #ProjectCatalyst communities.

Join us in celebrating the SWARM ATH journey and the bright future that lies ahead.

The SWARM ATH Pipeline (data about all breakout rooms haused in the ATH).

Facilitator #01: Jakob Dickaut
ATH#01 - TH#40 | Jun/23/2021

Facilitator #02: Nori Nishgaya
ATH#09 - TH#48 | Aug/18/2021

Facilitator #03: Felix Weber
ATH#22 - TH#61 | Nov/17/2021

Facilitator #04: Ayax Labombarda
ATH#31 - TH#67 | Jan/19/2022

Facilitator #05: Nadim Karam
ATH#32 - TH#68 | Jan/26/2022

Facilitator #06: Peter Wolcott
ATH#35 - TH#72 | Feb/23/2022

Facilitator #07: Natalie Attieh
ATH#37 - TH#75 | Mar/09/2022

Facilitator #08: Juana Attieh
ATH#40 - TH#78 | Mar/30/2022

Facilitator #09: Mauro Andreoli
ATH#81 - TH#120 | Mar/29/2023

Facilitator #10: Lucas Macchiavelli
ATH#98 - TH#137 | Aug/02/2023

Facilitator #11: Lívia Corcino
ATH#99 - TH#138 | Aug/09/2023

Facilitator #12: Peter Wolcott
LAST ATH#106 - TH#145 | Sep/27/2023

Last ATH & SWARM Reflections Breakout Room | September, 27th/2023.

Catalyst Swarm Reflection 2021-2023.

Thank you, Cardano Community. :pray: