Catalyst After Town Hall

Hello Cardano Community,

We hope this post finds you well. We are a small group of dedicated contributors to the Cardano ecosystem, and we recently had the privilege of hosting the post-Town Hall gatherings. After hosting the Space for years now, the Swarm unfortunately has stopped supporting the Catalyst After Townhall. First of all, thank you for holding this space for such a long time. :clap:
Second of all, this is why we stepped up, wanting to keep this platform to share ideas and collaborate.
We wanted to share some highlights from our event with the broader Cardano community.

Meet the Team:

  • Christina from Blinklabs
  • Darlington from Lidonation
  • Peter from Swarm (still lending a helping hand)
  • Seomon from Cardano After Dark

Event Recap: Our gathering on the 10th of January featured a dynamic discussion in Room 45B, where the focus was on onboarding end-users and small businesses. This session was led by Pedro Lucas and Roberto Mayan, both of whom brought valuable insights and perspectives to the table.

Additionally, attendees are granted NFTs as token. This not only gives people proof that they attended this townhall, but also adds a touch of Cardano magic to our event.

Community Engagement: We were delighted to have 30 attendees join us, bringing their energy, ideas, and passion for Cardano to the virtual table. As always there where engaging discussions and new seeds for collaboration being planted.

We want to express our gratitude to the Cardano community for its ongoing support. Stay tuned for more updates and future events from our team. If you have any questions or would like to connect, please feel free to reach out. Also if you want to join us next Wednesday or any Wednesday after that for the Townhall at 17:00 UTC or/and the After Townhall at 18:00 UTC, please feel free to use this link.
Meeting Registration - Zoom

Thank you for being part of this incredible journey with us.

Warm regards,



I’m reaching out to share my thoughts and express deep appreciation for the collective efforts that keep our community thriving, while we continue to navigate and shape the vibrant Cardano Ecosystem.

The Swarm group concludes their role and a new chapter begins with Peter, Christina, Seamon, and Darlington uniting to carry forward the legacy of the after Town Hall breakout rooms. Their decision to step in and continue this work is a testament to their commitment and the lasting impact of those who have contributed before them. It’s remarkable to see how many have come, left their mark, and continue to participate in building our shared vision at various capacities. The invaluable contributions of Felix, Nathaly, Zoe, Caue, Ajax, and numerous others have played a unique role, bringing diverse perspectives and enriching our collective dialogue, even behind the scenes. Their involvement has been fundamental in shaping the inclusive and dynamic nature of our community.

As we look back to the first Town Hall on September 18, 2020, Dor Garbash’s words resonate deeply: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” — Margaret Mead. This sentiment captures the essence of our journey in Cardano. Similarly, Charles Hoskinson’s remark, “Big things have little beginnings,” reminds us of the humble origins of our endeavors and the vast potential that lies ahead.

In the spirit of these guiding principles, Sala de Café remains dedicated to providing a voice for all and specially our Spanish and Portuguese-speaking members. Our role is to ensure that these voices are integral to the ongoing dialogue and decision-making processes within the Cardano ecosystem. We are here to contribute to and support the continued growth and decentralization of Cardano.

The recent engagement in Room 45B, led by Pedro Lucas and Roberto Mayan, exemplifies the strength of our community. The participation of over 30 members, each bringing their unique ideas and energy, highlights the vibrant and diverse nature of our ecosystem.

As we forge ahead, let’s continue to cherish the diversity and unity of our community. The collaborative spirit of all members, past and present, is what makes Cardano a unique and innovative environment.

Thank you to each one of you for being a part of this incredible journey. Your participation, insights, and passion are the driving forces behind the success of Cardano.

Warm regards,

Juan Sierra - The One
Sala de Café Team

P.S. I warmly invite you to join us in the upcoming Town Hall and breakout sessions. Your involvement is crucial in shaping our decentralized, inclusive, and innovative ecosystem. Let’s continue to make our voices heard and our contributions felt in shaping the future of Cardano.


Hello, Cardano Community,

Thank you for your kind words Juan!
We are glad, that the After Town Hall sessions continue to serve as a vibrant platform for connection and discussion. Reflecting on our last two gatherings, it’s heartening to see the continued enthusiasm and engagement from our community.

On January 17th, we had the pleasure of hosting 68 participants who engaged in a variety of breakout rooms. Topics ranged from Decentral Manufacturing & Modular Governance with Adosia, to Andamio’s innovative protocols for education and collaboration, reflecting on the LV2 Review process, and exploring how to get involved with Catalyst Working Groups. The diversity of discussions underscores the wide-ranging interests and expertise within our community.

The session on January 24th welcomed 50 attendees, who delved into discussions around the Clarity Community Operating System, the intersection of DID and Property Records, the adoption of Cardano by end-users and small businesses, the application of state channels in Cardano dApps, and the CBIA Ecosystem Software Compatibility Matrix for Fund11 proposals. Each topic contributed to a tapestry of ideas and initiatives that are shaping the future of Cardano.

We want to acknowledge and thank every participant who joined these ATH sessions. The general atmosphere of these gatherings is consistently positive, marked by a spirit of collaboration and a shared passion for the topics of the individual breakout rooms. It’s this collective energy that makes the ATH what it is.

Looking ahead, we are excited to continue this tradition of meaningful engagement. We invite you to be part of our upcoming ATH sessions, where your insights and contributions can help nurture the growth and evolution of the Cardano ecosystem.

If you want to host your own room in ATH you can simply fill out this form until Tuesday 17:00 UTC and join on Wednesday for the ATH at 18:00 UTC.

Warmest regards,

Seomon & the ATH-Team

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Hello, Cardano Community,

A quick belated recap of our December Townhall on December 13, 2023: We had an engaging session filled with insightful discussions.

One room delved into the impact of Large Language Models on Project Catalyst, offering a glimpse into how AI could shape the future of blockchain governance and innovation. Another Session held for that Townhall focused on cPoker, real-time, secure, interactive decentralized poker proof of concept on the Cardano blockchain, showcasing the capabilities and potential for dApps within our ecosystem. We are, as always, thankful to Lidonation for hosting the Townhall Check-In using the ProofSpace app and giving people the chance to build their self-owned secure online reputation.

Warm regards,

Seomon & the ATH-Team

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