Pacific Town Hall Meeting Recaps

This is the recap of the June Pacific Town Hall meetings in 2023. Both meetings were fairly cozy as we lead up to Fund 10, and primarily focused on sharing community updates with each other and discussing emergent topics.

June 14

  • Community Updates
    • Newman
      • Really enjoying Gimbalabs and the Plutus PBL
      • Fund 10 and DAOs love Cardano Challenge Team
      • Fund 10 overwhelm
    • Dylan
      • Launching a Cardano Founders NFT Project
      • Still looking for funding for the Algae farms
      • Looking to have some working farms to demo the technology
    • Ed
      • Blockfrost Identity Wallet
      • Working on it since August with Bjorn (2-person startup)
      • very familiar with ATALA Prism
      • Went to the Vancouver CIP-1694 workshop and have been thinking about how identity can work meaningfully with governance
      • Proof of Humanity
      • IOG Venture Lab
    • Jeremy
      • Co-hosted the Vancouver CIP-1694 Workshop
    • Nori
      • Governance Guild Virtual CIP-1694 Workshop
      • Vancouver CIP-1694 Workshop
      • Vancouver Cardano Summit in November
  • Vancouver CIP-1964 Workshop
  • Fund 10
    • It was a bit overwhelming at Town Hall today
    • Chat was super active
    • 50 million ADA in Fund 10, same categories, more ADA
    • 3 new catagories
    • Vanessa went over each category in nice detail at the Africa Town Hall
  • USA SEC Drama and it’s affect on crypto and Cardano

June 28, 2023

Community Updates

  • Nori
  • Babble Fees
    • Currently, all Cardano transactions are paid with ADA.
    • The design is in place to pay a transaction fee with USDA
    • Preliminary TX
    • Exchange transfers to ADA
    • SPO completes the transaction in ADA
  • Fund 10 proposals
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On July 26, 2023, Pacific Town Hall held a session with 7 humans and one AI attending.

Community Updates:

  • Seira / Socious
    • Completed 5 Fund 9 proposals
      • Micro Lending Platform
        • Pilot project: Crowdfunding for a farmer who was a “displaced” person due to war, and was able to get a loan from the platform and was funded.
        • Smart Contracts on Milkomeda
        • Socious is part of the Milkomeda incubation project
    • Fund 10 proposals for Socious
      • Work History as Verifiable Credentials
      • Decentralized Escrow and Dispute Resolution
      • Decentralized Referral System for DAOs
      • NFT-based Gift Cards
      • Extended Quadratic Funding for Open Source Projects
  • Jeremy
    • SANADA is working on Open Sourcing the Cardano Node Management Tool as a Fund 10 Proposal
    • SANADA has created a Stake Pool management software and successfully using it for the past couple years. This proposal is to Open Source it, create documentation, and release to the public.
  • Dylan
    • Working hard on Algae Token and getting the legal done and the project out there
    • Working on single Fund 10 proposal: Val U Swap
      • Val U Swap allows vendors to easily tokenize their products so they can have a direct relationship with their customers and avoid centralized middlemen with high commissions and control.
      • decentralized
      • open source
      • Community
  • Nori
    • I’ve been working on two Fund 10 proposals for ODIN: Our vision is to empower a dynamic and collaborative community of visionary thinkers, web3 developers, high-trust communities, and impact-driven organizations that operate as a decentralized network, uniting their diverse strengths and expertise to catalyze innovative ideas from conception to fruition.
      • Space Trains and Metadata: Community
      • Onboarding for Evolutionary Organizations: A Primer for DAO contribution: Community
    • ODIN is the Open Decentralized Innovation Network: Project ODIN - Google Slides
  • RJ
    • Working away at the CRCI project
      • CRCI - A First Principles Approach to DeFi Fundamental Analysis: Community
    • CRCI is a aDeFi review project, looking at fundamentals of the organization and their operational integrity. Looks at strengths and weaknesses across eight different domains of review.
  • Cham
    • First time from Hanoi, Vietnam
    • Building an NFT and Art Community
    • Kreate - Vibrant Community & Marketplace for Millions of Art Lovers
    • Cardano is missing out on millions of Artists & Collectors outside of PFPs due to the lack of tooling and a broader Art community. This is an underutilization of the chain’s capital and technology.
    • Building primary and secondary marketplace for art lovers to enjoy art, and artists can sell and connect with people that appreciate their work.


  • Project Catalyst Operations Fund
    • Ideally, it should fund itself
    • Currently run by IO but on every measurable things is better for it to be open and be run by the community

Pacific Town Hall Fund 10 Idea Fest

On August 9, 2023, Pacific Town Hall hosted an IDEA FEST! Over 20 proposers presented their projects. The format was 5-minute presentations and 5 minutes of Q&A from each proposer in a fast lightning round. There were 3 break-out rooms, and all the presentations were recorded here:

Scheduled presenters:

  • New SPO revenue streams for securing bridge infrastructure, Winter Protocol: Open-Source Traceability & Real World Asset Tokenization, Ecosystem Building & Large-scale Atala Tech Deployment Blueprint
  • Work History as Verifiable Credentials
  • CRCI - A First Principles Approach to DeFi Fundamental Analysis
  • Andamio by Gimbalabs: a learning management system (LMS) built on Cardano with skill-tracking, treasury management, and smart contract capabilities
  • :mortar_board: 2.0: Identity, Oracles, and Smart Contracts, with Atala PRISM and AIKEN :mortar_board:
  • Decentralized - Federated Frontend Hosting - New revenue stream for SPOs
  • Conserving Gorillas through NFT Sales: A Campaign for Wildlife Preservation
  • BLOCKTRUST Identity Wallet (PRISM) v1.0 for Browser, with Shared Features
  • Breaking the language barrier: English training 4 on-boarded French speaker students in Goma
  • Cardano Forest [] - Foster Trust & Trackability in Reforestation
  • Ambassador Campus Meetup Tours
  • The FUNINTEC’s student Hubs: The cascade effect in the Project Catalyst and Cardano
  • Decentralized - Federated Frontend Hosting - New revenue stream for SPOs
  • Catalyst Campus Invasion: Students Ignite
  • Cardano 4 all: The Age of Explosion
  • ADA Express
  • The first course advisor platform on Cardano
  • Cardano Xcard
  • Cardano in 9 Minutes: Deep Understanding, Smart Investing, Time Saved, Money Made
  • 9 Minutes to Million: Catalyst Project - Where Developer Dreams Flourish
  • Cardano ecosystem get physical and mental healthier with yoga

Pacific Town Hall - August 23, 2023 Meetup

Attendees: 5

Pacific Town Hall this week was very cozy with 5 participants showing up on Zoom.

We kicked things off with:


  • Ed Eykholt
    ** Blocktrust
    *** working on wrapping up Fund 9 proposals
    *** Identity Wallet: blocktrust identity wallet
    *** Fund 10 proposals underway
  • RJ
    ** CRCI
    *** Working on DeFi Fundamental analysis
    *** Fund 10 proposal:
    *** Increased transparency and accountability, to protect the ecosystem
    *** 28 critical metrics tracked over 8 categories for DeFi projects in the Cardano ecosystem
  • Quasar
    ** Project Catalyst Discord server
    *** trying to get it more active
    ** Category scoping workshops
    *** trying to build momentum and understanding in the community
    ** Gamechanger Wallet
    *** NFT mint - 100 gift wallets, pre-loaded with 2 ADA and 2 NFTs to be distributed at Rare Bloom via a QR code
    *** Gamechanger is 100% browser-based wallet
    *** Getting close to moving B2 to mainnet
  • Nori
    ** ODIN
    *** Space Trains
    *** Sociocracy 3.0
    *** Fund 10
    **** Space Trains and Metadata: Scaling our Communities of Trust: Community

We then had a lively discussion around around various topics:

- Voltaire
- SanchoNetwork
- There is energy to give Voltaire to the community as soon as possible
- Rumors:
- Fund 11 is the same as Fund 10
- Fund 12 might be the first to go through CIP-1694
- dRep model and MVG by March of next year
- Identity
- Self-sovereign Social Graphs and Identity
- Backup and recovery of identity
- We could split your keys into pieces that are held by trusted individuals or communities and require 3 of 5 to reconstitute the key for you
- Analog to digital transition (driver’s license, diplomas, birth certificates)
- credentials don’t go on the blockchain, they remain private by default
- Crypto Wild West
- Bad actors are judgement proof, we can’t do much
- Bad actors might have good intentions but poor results or mistakes
- There are no standards
- There is no insurance
- Vancouver Cardano Summit
- Will happen November 11, at the Cascades Casino in Delta, BC

Pacific Town Hall - September 7, 2023

Attendees: 7

Community Updates

  • Ed
    ** working on BLOCKTRUST proposals
    ** Mediator service - messaging between wallets and other services
    ** Open Source implementation of ATALA Prism Node
    ** Website describing the identity ecosystem (documentation and showcasing projects)
    ** Question: For APv2, is there a transaction fee model?
    ** Answer: unknown what the AP business model is…
    ** Lots of questions about the Atala Prism roadmap
    ** We are building on v2
    ** Fund 10 proposals
    *** BLOCKTRUST Identity Wallet (PRISM) v1.0 for Browser, with Shared Features: Community
    *** BLOCKTRUST Identity Wallet (PRISM) v1.0 for Android and iOS: Community
    *** BLOCKTRUST Credential workflow platform: Community
    *** BLOCKTRUST production-ready DIDComm Mediator: Community
    *** Open source PRISM Node: Community
    *** PRISM Verifiable Credential badges: Community
    *** PRISM ecosystem website - the missing hub to digital identity on Cardano: Community
  • Seira
    ** We just launched our stakepool - SOCIO
    ** 40 people joining Yuta and the Tokyo community to join to talk about proposals and get together
    ** The link below includes presentation materials and videos explaining how Socious’ proposals will contribute to Cardano’s success. Please take a look and we kindly ask for your support. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.
  • Newman
    ** busy voting
    ** doing educations courses
    *** Plutus PBL through the summer
    *** Harvard CS 50 course
    *** u.lab1x leadership course
    ** Proposals
    *** Newman’s proposals - Newman’s vote list Catalyst F10 - Google Docs
  • RJ
    ** Building the CRCI reviewing defi in Cardano
    ** Updated website to provide more context
    *** Fund 10 Proposal for CRCI
  • Bryan
    ** Working on setting up Sancho
  • Nori
    ** BBI
    ** ODIN
    ** Andamio
    ** Cardano Ambassador
  • Fletcher
    ** Community
    ** Community


  • Xerberus report looking at Ardana
  • The Life and Death of Ardana - Xerberus
  • Catalyst Voting
    ** Search in the Catalyst app is really bad
    ** Search for group, project, or proposal name
    ** Lidonation tool
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This is the recap of the Pacific Town Hall help on September 20, 2023.

Attendees: 9

Community Updates

  • Bryan
    • Working on auto KES rotation systems - homebrew HMS
  • Matthias
    • only announcements of an announcement coming at the Summit
    • Emurgo is 3 large entities
    • Emurgo, Emurgo Africa, and Emurgo Ventures are all different entities and not the same organization
  • Peter
    • OrcFax
      • launching a token and dealing with community FOMO was quite the experience
      • The token launch was successful
      • Decentralized utility token
      • Raised enough money to fund development for the next year
    • Landano
      • Getting buy-in from traditional chiefs
      • Chiefs have the constitutional authority to create records
      • We are going the VC route to raise funds to complete the project
      • Difficult in a bear market
      • It all started as a Catalyst project and grew from there
  • Stefan
    • Starting an educational organization, playing with Governance and things.
  • Jeremy
    • Watching sumo?
  • Newman
    • Really enjoying MIT CS 50 and u.lab 1x online courses and Plutus PBL
    • Looking forward to the voting results for Catalyst tomorrow
    • It’s a long list of projects that I am rooting for
  • RJ
    • Waiting for tomorrow to see if things move faster or slower
    • Looking at what is a good team, what is a good white paper, etc.
    • been busy creating CRCI:
    • Peter: how about reviewing $FACT?
    • A: Maybe!
  • Nori


  • The Matthias Story
    • April 17 started w/Emurgo
  • Andamio
  • Open Source
    • Matthias is on 2 committees for Intersect
      • one is the Open Source committee
      • will finalize the goals and charter of the Open Source committee
      • looking at working groups in the Open Source committee
      • Should have an update next week
      • Networking subcommittee of Parameter Committee min pool change is coming in October reduced to 170
  • Orcfax validator network
    • There will be an incentivized testnet
    • Likely SPOs at first due to technical skills needed to install and run it
  • Stellar Hood | interactive | onchain NFT was an amazing full on-chain NFT game
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Update on the Pacific Town Hall on October 4, 2023.

- Ed Eykholt
- RJ
- Nori Nishigaya
- Seira Yun
- Jeremy Kiffiak


  • Crypto accounting is hard in the best of cases
  • Firms that do crypto forensics
  • Earn crypto while shopping
  • Midnight
    • ZK Proofs
    • Can prove for auditing while preserving privacy
    • Supposed to be fully regulatory compliant… somehow
  • SanchoNet - CIP-1694
  • Intersect
  • Socious
    • got funded
    • Two
      • Work history as verifiable credentials
        • Work history on ATALA Prism
        • No more need for companies and orgs to do background check agencies as the credentials are verified
        • Don’t have to deal with verifying previous employees
      • Matchmaking
        • Referrals
        • Bounties for referring friends and bonuses available
        • Similar to affiliate marketing
        • Bloggers or high-traffic sites can provide links to people seeking jobs and can earn referral fees.
    • Impact projects have significantly smaller fees to use Socious.
    • Mechanisms to encourage joining impact projects
    • Verifiable credentials from work history at Amazon, Google, Apple, big corporations.
    • Get skilled people on the platform and they gain access to all sorts of impact projects
  • Blocktrust is working on a browser wallet for ATALA Prism
  • SPO Key Rotation
  • DReps
    • Anonymous vs Pseudonymous vs Known
    • Private key is key to identity here
    • Plutocracy just means legacy world on chain
    • Socious is working on quadratic voting mechanisms with re
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Pacific Town Hall met on Nov. 15 and had 5 Cardano enthusiasts show up.

Community Updates

  • Robert Cotter
    • #buildinpublic
    • METAL stakepool
    • Just moved to BC and looking to get involved more in Cardano
  • RJ
    • CRCI
      • Coinecta partnership
  • Jeremy
    • Co-hosted the Vancouver Summit
    • Good event, lighter turn out
  • Bryan
    • Working on KES rotation HSM for SPOs
  • Nori


  • Fund 11 kicked off today!
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A very cozy Pacific Town Hall on November 1, Only 3 of us showed up and the discussion started with a conversation on Daylights Savings Time and the difficulty with meetings in the Cardano community across many time zones. The conversation then jumped to the topic of wrist watches and how nice GMT watches are,

We also discussed Nami wallet being acquired by IOG, and the growing excitement over what will be announced at the Cardano Summit,

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November 29, 2023

We held another edition of Pacific Town Hall. Many of the attendees mentioned burnout and tiredness from the Catalyst Fund 11 rush to meet the proposal deadlines. Proposal links were shared and a lively conversation around Catalyst Proposals as well as AI ensued.


  • Seira Yun
  • RJ
  • Jeremy
  • Nori
  • Newman
  • Bryan


Discussion Topics

  • AI for helping with proposals
  • GPT is super helpful for the Japanese community in creating grammatically correct sentences.
  • AI hallucinations
  • Emergent AI abilities
  • AI CEOs: Mika Is The First AI Humanoid Robot CEO In History
  • Blue collar work vs AI
  • AI needs new skill sets
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Dec. 13, 2023 was the last Pacific Town Hall of 2023. It was a cozy affair with just three attendees showing up during the holiday season.

We chatted about holiday plans and had a very relaxed catch up and conversation.

Happy New Year! On Jan. 24, we held the first Pacific Town Hall of 2024. There were four attendees, two of which were first timers.


  • RJ
  • Nori
  • Agape Pool
  • Justin

We talked about Catalyst Fund 11 and several attendees shared their proposals. There was also some time set aside to discuss non-Catalyst activities and projects happening in the PTH Cardano space and some very helpful feedback was shared.

On February 7, 2024 the Pacific Town Hall met and we spent the hour helping people use the Catalyst Voting App. It was nice to see new people jumping in to cast some votes and participate in the governance of Project Catalyst.


  • Nori
  • Bryan
  • Jeremy

On Feb. 21, 2024 the Pacific Town Hall met. There were some first time visitors and some familiar faces. We spent the time introducing Cardano and blockchain to the new person and had a really nice time discussing how Cardano will change the world :slight_smile: It was a great session to step back and get back to basics and explain what everything is about in simple terms. I think there was a lot of value found by the participants in this on-boarding meeting.

- Newman
- Jeremy
- Sunny
- Nori

On March 6, 2024 there was a Pacific Town Hall meeting.


  • Yuri Hayahi
  • Jeremy
  • Bryan
  • RJ
  • Nori

We were joined tonight by a member of the Japanese Cardano Community. After some discussion on the Japanese community, the main topic that was discussed was how the Pacific Town Hall can be best used and what would be valuable for the community. There seemed to be some good opportunities for bringing the Japanese community together with others in the Pacific time zones.

On April 17, 2024 there was a final meeting of the Pacific Town Hall for a while.


  • Nori
  • Bryan
  • Jeremy
  • Seamoss

We discussed going on a hiatus due to lack of participation and flagging community interest. We will take some time to reenvision and relaunch sometime later this year, maybe leading up to the Cardano Summit.

Lots of great discussion on how that might look and what we might do. We’ll continue the conversation on Discord and take it to the Vancouver Cardano Summit as a discussion item for the local community. It’s been a great time, but now it’s time to pause for a bit, reflect, and perhaps launch re-envisioned and better! Thanks everyone who attended over the past few years and participated and added to the community!