Announcing the stake pools chosen for January 2022

i take this courses for Haskel,
totally recommend it

Bharat is amazing guy

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Cheers Thomas, I’ll take a look thank you.

I notice your a fellow network engineer :heart::handshake: love seeing Network Engineers in Cardano

I am stoked that ECO made it into the shortlist of 68 stake pools with “outstanding contribution”.

Congratulations to all selected stake pools that got picked in the draw! :partying_face:

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as i feel, i am Lost Artist Soul and Tech Lover.
middle Huge networks :slight_smile: with security background

if you ever have any question or topic, i am happy to discuss and bring ideas :slight_smile: and solutions


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Thank you, CF for supporting PSYA.

I am so grateful for that. A big motivation for me!
Going to continue with multi-language tutorials for Cardano.

Congrats to all the winners.

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I hope when the wallet multi-delegation support finally arrives CF will be able to support more pools. There seem to be enough funds to support the whole shortlist and many more.

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Awesome and Congrats everyone for being selected! We hope to make it too on the list one day :slight_smile:

Congrats everyone. Hope #DYNO is up there with you one day… Until then we’ll keep learning and growing and helping where we can.

Congratulations to everyone who received the Cardano Foundation delegation! Thanks CF for supporting small community pools, it is appreciated :pray:

ADA all the way, excited to see what everyone can accomplish with the support in the new year! :rocket:

The project I have in mind is to make a series of tutorials to integrate people to Cardano and explain how the staking system works, for this I have to implement a page and make a community for LambdaPool [LMBD] we are starting :blush:

Congratulations to all :sunglasses:

Thanks to Cardano Foundation for changing your delegation strategy to accommodate small SPO’s like WISH Pool. We are truly humbled and grateful.

Congratulations to everyone who received the delegation!

Good luck to those who did not get it this round.

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We are following this, outstanding! This is, of course, exactly what we would like to achieve.

We’re the FIRST SPO in Ecuador, just started ok this amazing journey!

When we get the third round of delegation from Cardano we plan to set up a nationwide press conference to bring much needed attention to this wonderful opportunity that millions of people down here can now have access to some type of financial services.

Thank you Cardano!


Thanks to the CF for their community delegations and congrats to the pools who received the new delegations!
So many awesome people in this community!


I greatly appreciate this amazing support! Congrats to all the winners and let’s keep working hard to help this incredible ecosystem and community to grow even more in 2022. Looking forward to use this delegation to collaborate with the amazing team of the Climate Neutral Cardano Group to help Cardano reach carbon neutrality as soon as possible!

Thank you CF for supporting devs on the platform! Congrats to all chosen for this round, let’s make it count!

Congratulations to all the winners! Hope to be among you one day :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Foundation, RIOT lately lost much stake and this delegation definitely helped A LOT! It’s not only for me as SPO, but also for our awesome delegators that remained with us since epoch 1 of mainnet!

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This new methodology is really good! All great Pools on the list.
Happy that SNSKY made it in the short list…hopefully I will be more lucky next time :slight_smile: