Announcing the stake pools chosen for July 2022

Congratulations to all the pools that made the short list and the ones that were randomly chosen at the end.

It’s a great honour to be chosen for these boosts to get the pool minting and producing those blocks.


Thanks for the mention PLBPL. We will continue to run out pool and support the homeless in south africa as much as we can :wink:

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Really happy that LOXE got chosen for the first time. Congratulations to all lucky stake pools and thanks to everyone for keeping Cardano up and running. Thanks Cardano Foundation!


What would you do when getting Cardano Foundation’s delegation for 3 months?

Current goals and priorities that CHG pool would like to achieve include increasing pledge and implementing an additional relay in order to be able to make a further commitment to the Cardano ecosystem.

We will open a new application form in September to apply for the next round.

What URL, newsletter or channel shall SPOs monitor in order to learn the details of when and how the application process for Cardano Foundation delegations begins again in September? Wouldn’t want to miss out again!



That is a great question!

I tried to explain it in this forum post

Of course, we will also share it via all our other channels.

Congratulations to all the selected pools!

Hi guys! Newbie here, thanks for accepting me.
interesting discussion and most importantly useful for me

Thanks @Nicolas for taking the time to reply. I’m hoping for a way to hear specifically about the CF delegation application process opening without needing to filter any number of other posts manually. I’m already active in the stake pool forums as my time permits. I believe everyone’s time and attention here on the forum are valuable.

What are the other channels where we may count on the call for applications being shared?


Thank you @Cardano-Foundation for supporting the ecosystem and congratulations to all selected pools! Please consider joining the Climate Neutral Cardano Group to help us make Cardano a carbon neutral network. We are currently launching a very impactful ISPO to support the CNC Ala project in Madagascar, which is planting 100k trees using permaculture and soil regeneration techniques, improving food security for several local communities and even supporting farmer’s children to go to school. Let’s show the world how we can use the power of the PoS consensus to afford fighting the climate crisis while supporting the most vulnerable communities :blush: :seedling: :earth_africa:

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Congratulations to all the chosen pools and thanks @Cardano-Foundation for taking the time to evaluate the contributions to the ecosystem. Honored to be among the shortlisted candidates for CF delegation and appreciative of all our fellow applicants - it doesn’t sting a lot when you lose to luck of draw and the ones that are lucky enough are other hardworking contributors to our ecosystem.

HAZEL would have used the delegation to attract additional delegation through the ability to offer higher ROA to our delegators and at the same time funding would be used to allow for process automation efforts regarding a backup BP node. Possibly raise our pledge further. We’ve had conversations with our partnering cat shelters that would receive donations and due to the market situation, we’d keep their ADA in the dedicated wallet, so they do not have to immediately convert it to USD on receipt (that is how the current 503c orgs have to treat cryptocurrency due to the involved risks)

See you in September and congrats to everyone :slight_smile:

~ Nils & Nicole

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Hey there @ParadoxicalSphere,

We will share the announcement via our Cardano Community Digest and also via our SPO channels on Telegram or via the Forum.


Hey Community,

I reached out to several stake pools that were randomly drawn with a few questions.

This message should indicate the authenticity of the message coming only from me, Nicolas Cerny.

As some SPOs didn’t provide contact details (email address), I had to reach out via other messaging platforms.



@ParadoxicalSphere based on your feedback we created a “notification service” on information regarding new delegation rounds and related information. You can sign up for this here:


Thank you sincerely, @adatainment

When do you plan to announce the winners for the round of delegation awards that closed in early October 2022?

Paradoxical Sphere

They were announced two weeks ago here:


Huhuu & Happy Monday :slight_smile: Wanted to share a bit what SWARM did with the Pool Rewards from SWARM pool from received rewards.

This is what was proposed to our Swarm Veterans ( Swarm veterans are people which had a over-average engagement at Catalyst Community since the earliest days, contributing massively in building up Community around #ProjectCatalyst and #Cardano)

As Swarm Folks agreed to that, we submitted the transaction.

Btw, all Swarm funds are managed in a fully transparent way so that everyone can have a direct insight in what is coming in & going out.… For sure not massive funds, but anyway… We do what we can to reward folks for their community contributions :slight_smile: And said that, we want to really thank the @Cardano_CF for their delegation support for the SWARM Pool, your support helps us a lot, much more than you may think… so… Thanks, thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Thank you for the update @Felix_Weber :raised_hands:

It’s great to see that SWARM is able to support the Cardano community, and that it’s done transparently is even better!