Any meetups or Cardano fans in Silicon Valley / bay area?

Hi all,

Is there any Cardano fans in Silicon Valley / bay area?
Perhaps we could do a meetup. I am on on the peninsula not to far from Mountain view.

Love to hear from others nearby.


Hi @setmoneyfree

There is already an active group in SF! You can sign up for their meetup group here:

I’m in San Jose…that makes at least two Cardano fans in the Bay Area!

On a side note, there is a conference coming up in San Francisco in March and Charles is speaking. I was all jazzed until I saw ticket price is around 1k :frowning: Edit: Didn’t see the post above…we are many!

Oh, San Jose. My mistake!
Hopefully there are members on the forum from your area then! :crossed_fingers:

Its all Bay Area. San Jose is not too far from SF.

Will check it out.

Thanks for the heads up about the conference in SF.