Hello from Davis (near Sacramento), California! Home of UCDavis!


I’ve been learning all things crypto and blockchain since January '18. A huge fan of Cardano since watching the whiteboard talks in February of '18. Before diving into crypto I worked as an event producer and media coordinator for a medical university while in parallel producing non-profit fundraisers and concerts on my own.
I’d love to try to produce/run Meetups here in Davis, California! I think there will be a lot of interest from UC Davis students as the University has very strong CS and Economics schools. Will update as this develops! Please get in touch if you are in the area and would like to help/join!


Welcome! I look forward to watching your efforts in CA.


Hi and Welcome ilya0!


Hi @ilya_p! Welcome to the Cardano Forum :smiley:

Amazing that you are interested in organizing meetups in Davis! This forum post may help you get started: Cardano Community Meetup Guidelines


Thank you! I have already read through that post :smiley: I am now figuring out the best location…then begin scheduling. I already have a few friends who are interested in joining!