Any value keeping Ada on Daedalus prior to staking?


Aside from holding Ada directly… is there any value keeping Ada on Daedalus (vs Bittrex) prior to POS reward implementation?


Keep in wallet if your holding long term and not worried about price

More secure too


Has the timeline and terms for PoS been released?


I haven’t seen anything on PoS timeline.

It would be great to know the advantages (for the network) of using Daedalus prior to staking.


The staking is connected with the deployment of the PoS and Ouroboros that is part of the Shelley release. Therefore keeping it in Daedulus is not staking but more secure then elsewhere. It also improves the network if it is online.

There are no fixed dates which is a good thing in my opinion. It gives research and development enough space to breath.
But if you are curious, there will be some updates on the progress on Shelley in the next days.


I believe that as long as Ouroboros is implemented as described in the white paper right now but simply has no PoS mechanism then theoretically having Daedalus open helps the network by possibly getting chosen (at random) to process transactions in slots. I assume the choosing of the committee in each epoch is just random at this point so wherever you choose to hold your coins shouldn’t matter. But as mentioned before, wallets are always safer.


The decentralized protocol target is Q2 - 2018

The font and color make it difficult to see:
“Shelley (Decentralised)
Byron established the baseline for Cardano in allowing users to trade and transfer Ada. Shelley is focused on ensuring that key elements are in place so that the technology grows into a fully decentralised and autonomous system. Expected Q2 2018.” Link