Apr 20, 2023 | Voltaire era: Parameter committee intermediate state

The Parameter Committee (interim state) meets on a bi-weekly basis. The Parameter Committee discusses all parameters relating to the Cardano protocol including network, technical and economic parameter type. They are a technical advisory group and only make recommendations.

Updated list of the Members (interim state):

Chair: IO Employee
Vice- chair: Alex Moser (Cardano Foundation)
Vice - chair: Vijay Bhuvangagiri (Emurgo)

Advisors leads:
Network group: Neil Davies
Economic group: Samuel Leathers
Technical group: Markus Gufler

Advisory group members (advisors):
Network group: Karl Knutson, Matthias Sieber, IO Employee
Technical group: Emurgo Employee, Jared Corduan, Michael Peyton Jones
Economic group: Sergio Sanchez, Fabian Bormann, Philip Lazos

Communications: Rebecca Hopwood, Tommy Kammerer, Nathaniel Acton
Domain experts: WIP
Secretary: Cristina Echeverry

Agenda and updates from meeting held on April 20th 2023:


  • 17:00 to 17:15 Discuss the pending profiles:
    • Emurgo’s network advisor group member
    • Emurgo´s communications person
    • Emurgo’s Vice chair nominee
  • 17:15 to 17:45 - Discuss the list of domain experts to be invited to the committee
  • 17:45 to 17:55 - Discuss the committee’s decision/recommendation making scope
  • 17:55 to 18:00 - Discuss other pending action points from previous meetings


  • The meeting attendees led by the Chair and the Vice Chairs, confirmed the following Committee members:
    • Vijay Bhuvangagiri in the role of the second sitting Vice Chair - nominated by Emurgo.
    • Emurgo will be nominating a member for the Advisor role in the network parameters group.
    • The assigned communications person from Emurgo is the VP of Marketing
    • Neil Davies in the role as lead of the network advisor group, he did an intro explaining his background and expertise on the Cardano network
  • The list of the domain experts (identified and pooled from the general community) is still under discussion.
    • CF, IO and Emurgo share a common vision for some of the domain experts
    • It was agreed that the domain experts would engage by sharing opinions and provide inputs to the set agenda.
    • The different domain experts will be added gradually to the meetings, so the committee can onboard them in an effective manner
    • There may be a role for general observers, however the committee still needs to define how many observers can join and the details of their role.
  • The committee chairs are defining working practices such as standardization and formalization of certain processes, how topics or questions should be addressed and solved and how discussions for consensus can be held in order to give recommendations.
  • The Committee agreed their primary objective: to give technical advice and recommendations on parameter settings to the community
  • The Committee discussed the poll to gather feedback from the SPO community on the target number of stake pools (K) and minimum pool fee parameters:
    • More updates on the poll were shared by the CF, including the type of questions that will be asked and the time frame for the poll.

Action items

  • Cristina Echeverry to post the meeting notes
  • Committee to provide a refined list of domain experts
  • Chair and Vice chairs to provide initial processes on how to perform the committee activities and how to add ecosystem members, processes will be discussed on the next meeting
  • The SPO poll will be discussed at the next SPO monthly meeting

Proposed agenda for May 4, 2023

  • Discuss the Processes drafted by the Chair and Vice-Chairs
  • GDPR Compliance and Publication of Updates to the Community
  • Rules of Engagement: Chatham House Rules and Roles of Observers
  • Discuss Proposed Domain experts
  • Other topics: SPO poll updates, communication channel (Discord), other topics open to discussion