Apr 6, 2023 | Voltaire era: Parameter committee intermediate state

Apr 6, 2023 | Voltaire era: Parameter committee intermediate state

The Parameter Committee (interim state) meets on a bi-weekly basis. The Parameter Committee discusses all parameters relating to the Cardano protocol including network, technical and economic parameter type.

The structure of the Parameter Committee has a Chair, Vice-Chairs, and Advisory Groups by parameter. The Parameter Committee also includes communication representatives and a secretary. Please see attached structure outline.

Members of the Parameter Committee (interim state) are currently:

Vice-chair 1
Vice-chair 2

Advisors leads:
Network group
Economic group
Technical group

Advisory group members (advisors):
Network group
Economic group
Technical group


Secretary: Cristina Echeverry

Agenda and update from meeting held on April 6th 2023:


17:00 - 17:05- Ensure that everyone joining the committee feels:

  • Comfortable with the decisions made during the meetings
  • Empowered to discuss and argue a decision
  • Open to give and receive feedback

17:05 - 17:45: Assigning committee roles:

  • Confirm Chair, and Vice-Chairs and other roles within Committee
  • Proposing individuals to perform roles assigned to the advisory groups (see structure above)
  • Discuss domain experts participation on the committee
  • Other participations: Vendor observer, Dapp Observer
  • Discuss the voting rights of the proposed members

17:45 - 17:55: Agree on the meeting notes public posting process

17:55 - 18:00: K parameter - SPO poll updates


  • We started with the conversation of how we all should feel comfortable in our participation on the committee, clearing out some doubts and misunderstandings related to the first structure that it was proposed versus the final structure decided with the meeting participants. At the end of the discussion everyone on the call confirmed that they will raise and discuss any points that they do not agree with, will give and receive feedback if needed, and also re-confirmed that we all agree with the final structure we discussed on.

  • The advisors groups are created with the aim to obtain a deep level analysis on a specific subject and provide the best possible recommendation, that will serve as crucial information for the group leads and committee chairs to give the best technical advice.

  • Voting rights agreed for chairs and advisor groups leads, pending to confirm voting weight.

  • Roles and responsibilities, we will accept the first version proposed and once a decision has to be made we will update them based on the experience obtained during the process.

  • Some members such as vice chair from Emurgo, Network advisor and communications member, are still in process.

  • Domain experts should be added to the parameters committee with the roles of contributor and observer. While participant election and participation is to be self-/ community-governed, the committee initiates the seats from a researched list of matching domain experts through majority voting to minimize any potential initial bias.

  • The committee’s escalation policy, open agenda and publication of minutes allows for transparency and invites comments until other processes are established.

  • Updates on the SPO poll were shared at the end of the meeting, by the CF.

Action items

  • Add the pending profiles:

    • the CV for the Emurgo person to be proposed for the network advisor group: EOB Friday Apr 14.
    • the Name of the communications person
    • the Vice chair name
  • Add people to the committee call: Cristina Echeverry to add the Technical advisors group leader to the meeting.

  • Committee to identify a list of Domain experts to be invited to the committee

  • Recommendation for where Parameter Committee agenda and updates should be shared

Proposed agenda raised and approved by the Chair for Apr 20, 2023

17:00 to 17:15 Discuss the pending profiles:

  • Emurgo’s network advisor group member
  • Emurgo’s communications representative
  • Emurgo’s Vice-Chair nominee

17:15 to 17:45 - Discuss the list of domain experts to be invited to the committee

17:45 to 17:55 - Discuss the committee’s decision/recommendation making scope

17:55 to 18:00 - Discuss other pending action points from previous meetings