Are PoS Servers ASICs?

I have a questions. Is a PoS network running with ASICs validators or can the server be used for any other usage, like hosting a website, if the operator chooses to stop validating for a network?

regards MK

No, they are just plain vanilla servers. Some people use their PCs at home some use VMs hosted from some provider. There’s even a couple of Raspberry Pi’s.

However, for security reasons, block producers should not run any other applications.

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Thanks for the anwser, die idea of ASICs for mining is …

Cardano validates with Proof-of-Stake, i.e. there is no mining at all.

Hey MK_OJay,
ASICs are used only in PoW(Proof of Work) protocol like Ethereum and Bitcoin, ASIC machines resolves complex puzzles in order to be elected to record a new block in the chain, who resolves the challenge first win.
Cardano uses a more advanced concept called PoS(Proof of stake) where you can stake your tokens in a stake pool, and those pools acts as validators, no mining involved, only regular computers communicating which each other.