Are there ADA ATMs in Japan?


Are there ADA ATMs in Japan? If so, do you know what city and what they look like?

Thank you!!


Pretty sure they are not up, and if so, not in any significant amount. It will come.

Thank you for your reply, I saw an image but did not know if it was for real. I am an American but I am very interested in the adoption of ADA in Japan. Please let me know if there are any good sites to track this in English.

On the official Cardano website there’s a sign-up form at the bottom - it lets you to subscribe to the newsletter that comes out every couple of weeks and usually contains all latest interesting news:

You can also look at roadmap once a couple of weeks or so, it might contain some interesting info:

If roadmap does not say to you much by itself - you can subscribe to the Sebastien’s YouTube channel. He usually makes a video-review of every roadmap update, explaining what happens with the project:

These channels should be enough to “keep up” generally :slight_smile: The newsletter is the must, imo