ADA and ATM deposit

Buying ADA by depositing money in ATM, like what they do with bitcoin in south korea, will accerelate the adaptation process of the ADA currency.
Daedalus already have the system with paper voucher and all, all we need is the ATM and company as a medium.
And I believe, Japan is the best place to start.


I like it!

Hi there Curve, just out of interest, I thought I saw a BTC /ADA ATM on “Boxmining” YouTube channel today. Tell me it is true!

“Ada will also be available at a network of ATM machines in Japan. Starting with five locations, the network is planned to grow to about 25 ATMs within a year of Ada’s launch. A list of ATM locations will be added here as they become operational.”

This quoted from Cardanohub official website. But have not see any list of locations, yet. :frowning:

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ATM is not dealing in ADA yet. It should be next month. This is Tokyo.



@Curve how big an exchange is Coinnest in South Korea? ADA will be listed in a few hours on this exchange

Their CEO was the speaker from crypto exchange in the last FinTech conference in Seoul, S. Korea. It was on 30th Nov - 1st Dec, there were people from Stellar and IBM too, and also the trending ICO VLB.
Far compared to Bithumb though.
40mils VS 1Bils volume.


Next Europa please :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello everyone where and how can i buy an BTC/ ETH/ LTC / ADA ATM machine ?

Curious for more news on this ATM :slight_smile:

I have no updates.


When will Cardano introduce atms in South Africa?