Buy ADA from Japan

Hi, I really want to get my hands on some ADA but its basically impossible. Im from a country in the EU but currently living in japan so my KYC fails on ALL sites because Im currently residing in japan.

I’ve looked through the all(?) japanese exchanges, about 20~ but I have not found anyone that sells ADA.

Any1 with the same issue or have some info that it might show up on ANY japanese exchange soon?

Any ADA hodlers in japan here? How do you get your ADA?

how about you think out of the box?
Get an EU VPN, sign up on bitstamp with your EU home address EU mobile number and always use that EU vpn to login there, do the same with binance.
You buy btc eth ltc or something on bitstamp with real money then you buy ADA on binance with the token you bought. Boom your done.

Thanks, good idea, I have a lot of japanese exchanges where I can buy all ‘normal’ coins. Buying those is not problem and Im happy to do so. Im not trying to get ‘out of the system’ just trying to get ada.

I already fucked up being honest about my current residential status on 2 of the big ones, kraken and binance.

Any recommendation on exchanges that does not require proof of residence? Only verify using (some id)+video/photo? Not requiring additional (proof of residence) at the moment I try to withdraw to another wallet.

I need to be able to deposit random (btc/eth?) crypto exchange it for ADA and withdraw it to my daedelus wallet without getting stuck at the moment I withdraw.

I just found a site which I was able to deposit fiat using my eu bank and buy ada but they did NOT have an option to withdraw to a wallet, which is a big nono. I need to get them off the exchange.

I dont care about trading or taking out ADA in fiat, I will hodl for years to come.

Damn this feels so stupid, hard earned taxed money and I feel like a criminal… I cant delete my binance account either damnit, I really wanted to use that site.

Any recommended exchanges?

EDIT: Going through the top lists now, not sure if its common to ask for proof of residence. I forgot if binance and kraken actually asked for it or just the id verification.