As for 1.35.5 upgrade

Hello. Guys.
My pool`s node ver is 1.35.3. When should we upgrade the nodes to 1.35.5?
Anyone shows me a guideline for upgrading 1.35.5?
I am a Coincashew user.

What is the problem with Coincashew’s upgrade guide?

@jeremyisme wrote a guide here:

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Yes, you should upgrade.

Here is a quick guide for Coincashew, which is more inline with the original Coincashew guide, if you don’t like the most recent guide,

Haha, thanks @HeptaSean you beat me to it!

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But you also answered the question if they should.

You definitely should!

And you should have long had upgraded to 1.35.4! There is an upcoming protocol version change that requires 1.35.4 (or 1.35.5 now):
When operating a node you should really monitor announcements about upgrades.

Thanks for your kindness.
Do you know When 1.35.3-4 nodes can not mint block???

2023년 1월 29일 (일) 11:35, Benjamin Braatz via Cardano Forum <>님이 작성:

From the link above:

Based on that community polling, the mainnet upgrade is proposed tentatively for February 14, 2023 at 21:44:51 UTC. On that basis, IOG is targeting the update to the pre-production test environment on February 11, 2023 at 00:00:00 UTC.

After 14th February, 1.35.3 will not work anymore.
1.35.4 will still work, but you should go to 1.35.5 directly.

At some point, they will publish what let to the nodes shutting down last weekemd (or someone will find out based on the chamges they made) and then all nodes prior to 1.35.5 will be vulnerable to such node shutdown transactioms.

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thank a lot.
"To upgrade the Cardano Community’s CNCLI binary: "
it is strange to me… When I built my node 10 months aog. CLCLI binary was not installed.

cncli must be installed separately but it will require aditional ~12G RAM to work (the server should have min 24G RAM)

That section starts with: “If you use CNCLI command line utilities …” … “If” … If not, you can just skip that section.

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hello.I am updating gLiveView and my node.

In coincashew…
I do not understant " As needed to configure Guild LiveView for your stake pool, use a text editor to transfer additional user variable definitions from the env.bak file that you created in step 1 to the env file that you downloaded in step 2.“”"

Probably now u have a new (default) env file and u must edit again like u did in the past

nano env to edit and paste the modification/configuration from env_bkpxxxx

thanks always. I solved all issues…
My pool (1.35.5) successfully operates well.

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The usage of disk of my nodes are almost 89%. Is there a problem to mint blocks? It seems that blocks are not minted well.



To free some space disks go to logs/archives and delete some files from there

What do u mean by blocks are not minted well?


Expectation of minting blocks of my pool is around 9.
Last two epochs 6, 5 blocks were minted.

2023년 2월 6일 (월) 14:57, Charity Pool [CHRTY] via Cardano Forum <>님이 작성:

eheee, this is jut the luck factor…
its fluctuating from epoch to epoch :slight_smile:
the operaration of BP doesn’t affect the slot allocation mechanism, there was a problem indeed if you not minted the allocated slots


Hello. In offline computer, how to remove old cardano-cli and copy new cardano-cli?? I forgot it.
And. after 2/14 hardfork, blocks are not minted well…
So I want to rotate KES.

KES remaining is 45… KES expiration date is 4-25 ← it means “70 days”

화면 캡처 2023-02-17 145159


U don’t need to remove just replace the cardnao-cli and cardano-node bin files

should be located /home/user/.cabal/bin or /home/user/.local/bin

Did u upgrade the nodes to at least 1.35.4 version?