Atala PRISM - Is SDK or more info available? What is the timeline for release?

I have a dApp idea that I’d like to integrate it with & need to form Business Model/Value Proposition for a proposal to a local accelerator and eventually Catalyst. I basically need scope for the tech… so capabilities/limitations, SDK.

Does anyone know if Prism is simply waiting for smart contracts to be functional post-Alonzo?


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I have the same question. My company LearnerShape is interested in building an edtech application requiring robust authentication and are interested in using Atala PRISM. The PRISM web site says there are SDKs and APIs, but we cannot find them anywhere.

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Did you ever find where we can access the SDKs and APIs?

Not yet, and I have asked a lot of people. I am hoping to learn more at the Cardano Forum session today on Atala PRISM (missed the first playing of it but will watch the next one in a few hours). There seems to be an expectation that some additional information on Atala PRISM will be provided to successful proposals in Catalyst Fund 6.

Indeed the Atala PRISM Pioneer Program was announced today at the Cardano Forum.

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