Atypical situation, Need some help

Hello community.

I am writting this, because maybe any of you could help me. This is my situation:

I am trying to learn about SPO world, for that I am trying to deploy a Stake Pool in Tesnet, but in the country where I live I can’t rent any cloud server, I just have my personal computer at home, so I ran two VM in Virtual Box, one for Block Producer and the other for one Relay. With help of some friends I could finally register my Pool in Tesnet . But there is another problem, my internet conection. My Personal Computer connects via WIFI to my Router, the Router has a private LAN which VM Block Producer and Relay belong to, and the WAN subnet of the Router is a private IP too, as you see I don’t have any Public IP therefore my Relay doesn’t have a Public IP and nobody can connect to it. I have tested with some friends and they can’t reach my Relay.

So, is there any other solution wich I could try (I can’t ask my ISP for a Public IP) or must I just give up.

Any opinion or idea will be so much preciated


Hi @CubanLeo,

Being part of Cardano community and Charles’ vision is a great experience and to tackle current centralized system.

Anyways, other pools are required to reach your relays. Therefore you need to establish a way for other pools in network to connect to your relay.

If not pool is of no use in decentralizing the system.

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Find your public IP address:

If on wan side you don’t have a public IP address then your ISP should setup portforwarding

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