Home stake pool setup - Question

Hi Cardano community,

I’m a recent discoverer of the Cardano project and after doing my research over the past month i’m a huge fan and believer of the networks future.

After buying some ADA to hold for the long term I staked my small amount of ADA to a stake pool, which sent me down the same path that lots of stake pool operators followed and started looking at running my own stake pool.

I’m an experienced network engineer and have several years of System admin experience, so naturally I feel I could design, build and operate a working stake pool at home.

I want to build a typical design with 2x nodes and 1 x BP nodes all on separate hardware (no VMs) but one of the main questions I cant seem to find an answer for is if the nodes can be all on private IP addressing behind a firewall and then translated to one single static public IP address (PAT (Port address translation))?

The more I look around I feel like the answer is no and assigning a public address to each node statically is the only way.

The reason I’m asking this is i would need to change internet service provider to one that supplies public static IP addresses as mine currently doesn’t

Also how many public IPs would i need? is it 2? one for each node?

Cheers guys for any help.


You can run 2 relays with same public IP but you must set 2 different ports.

–pool-relay-port 6000
–pool-relay-port 6001 \

But if your internet provider fails or your children turn off your router…all your pool goes offline :stuck_out_tongue:



Brill, thank you for the reply Luc.

So I could use a service provider that provides only 1 public static IP address?


Yes you can :slight_smile: