Need sugestion on stake pool internet connectivity and IP address

I would like to setup a stake pool and want to hear from people who has previously set up their own stake pool.

I have a 50Mbps internet connection so i think that would suffice. but the problem that this will be disconnected for 1 minute every 00:20 UTC+7(17:20 UTC)(I think my provider which is MyRepublic is restarting their server to keep the connection clean). will this be a problem if i would be disconnected everyday for 1 minute? according to my calculation this would lead to a 0.0011% downtime

secondly if it really is a problem I think I will just run my stake pool on AWS or some sort of cloud server. if I change my ip address(when lets say i change provider from AWS to google cloud etc) but I own a domain so i could redirect it to the new IP. will this be a problem? or can I change my ip whenever i want it when it is fully operational?

and lastly how is your experience with the rewards? has it pretty much be excatly lower or higher than this calculator said? what got me interested is the yearly 180.000 ADA stake pool operation rewards.

also I will be using this tutorial but if anyone has a better tutorial please do link them thank you.

Thank you for your opinion and suggestion. it is highly valued.

That’s about the ITN which has been over for a while, in fact it was massively out of date even for that (December). See various forum topics for recent developments, including this one: Here’s a brief #ShelleySaturday update!

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ok thanks, will be seeing

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