Setting up a pool - high throughput and other questions

Hey all!

I’m looking into starting a stake pool by myself.
I currently try to evaluate which provider to choose as I’m not a big fan of aws hosting and how to set everything up.

For my background - I’ve been running and operating enterprise linux systems and applications for the last 10 years, 3-4 of those years linux servers specifically.
But, due to the size of my company, different tasks are quite distributed (e.g. I never configure storage or network components).

Therefore I have some questions, maybe some seasoned SPOs can help me out :slight_smile:

  1. Throughput. It’s stated in the docs that having at least 1 GBit/s is recommended for the node. Does this apply only for the relays or does it apply as well for the block generating node?
  2. How much traffic per month can be expected from medium sized pools? Some providers have a limit of x TB/month with 1GBit and will throttle down to 100Mbit/s. Is there a metric I can take into consideration?
  3. Does anyone has experience running nodes in an docker / container environment?
  4. If no blocks are minted during an epoch no rewards (340 ADA operational fee) will be paid out as well - correct?
  5. Out of curiosity - what does your setup look like? Without compromising security, can you post or talk about your architecture? I’m especially interested if you run multiple dedicated root servers / vps or use one big server and add your own VMs?
  6. Are all of your nodes from the same provider? Or are you trying to distribute and minimize risk?
  7. Do you have any sort of backup strategy? If so - what do you back up?Everything? Just the config files? What I’ve seen so far is either VM snapshots of a stable version / daily snapshots and storage of keys on external USB devices (which can be encrypted)
  8. Say I want to someday migrate my node to another provider. Is there some sort of way to migrate from server A to server B - at gest without any downtime?

I hope it’s okay to cluster my questions into one thread as it might reduce searchability…
Thanks in advance,
cheers from Munich,


Hello @ruttkowa welcome to the forum.

Perhaps you can find interesting answers to your questions if you ask them in the Telegram group for Cardano Stake Pool Best Practice Workgroup:


Hey @napoles,
thanks for the reply! Unfortunately I dont‘ have a Telegram Account and don‘t plan on getting one in the future.

Are there alternatives like a slack or discord channel?


Hi @ruttkowa

You could also find a lot of information about staking on this topic here in the forum:

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