Here’s a brief #ShelleySaturday update!

Following last night’s successful update proposal – initiating the Shelley hardfork – we’ve had a very productive and positive day today here at ‘mission control’. Lots of progress optimizing against all areas, including the wallet backend, cardano-graphql, cardano-db-sync, Daedalus and of course, the node.

So Sam has just spun up a new test network (MC4) based on today’s fresh 1.18.0 node release, which hard forked to Shelley at 19:00 UTC.

We have a high level of confidence that this node version will be the final candidate we endorse before the mainnet hard fork. So we’re asking our stake pool operators (SPOs) to now join this new network.

We’re asking our pioneer pools to put it through its paces over the next 24 hours or so. If all goes well, this is the version which will become the new network that we’ll ask EVERY ada holder to join, for a last bit of testing and tasting, just before the hardfork.

Alongside this, we’ll gradually be retiring all our other public mainnet candidates (including MC3, which was based on the 1.17.0 node and the ‘original’ Shelley testnet (shelley_testnet). This has been running on the 1.15 node (Shelley only, no Byron mainnet compatibility) so its time to remodel the experience for everyone!

Assuming all goes well with MC4, this will form the basis of our next ‘mainstream’ release, available to every ada holder who’d like to have a play with it. We’re planning to integrate with Daedalus tomorrow, and release a brand new Daedalus either Sunday evening UTC or Monday morning. We’re very close to mainnet now, but we’d still like every ada holder can experience a (very near-!) ‘Shelley experience’, prior to the hard fork and the real thing after the 29th of July.

Thanks as ever for the support. See you soon!

PS If you are a pool operator, you can find the configuration and topology files here


Sure, Tim. Already on it


Very excited for the future, thank you so much for all your hard work! :slight_smile:


Remote connecting from our country home to home servers but going to updating everything none the less lol. If you guys are working hard so are the SPOs :slight_smile:

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Thank god for that! Been such a wild ride this week to keep up with it all.

In all seriousness props to the team for getting us this far and so freaking excited to kick this on mainnet in earnest next week!

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Thank you Tim, this is what we needed!

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Alright final candidate! Let’s do this and get it tested!! The countdown is on to the fork!

Great stuff! The public faucet is still no server error by the way? Any early adopters who can share their API key?

That’s one small step for Cardano, one giant leap for humankind. :clap:

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does anyone has a guide on how to setup a stakepool on the shelly mainnet? i would love to setup one

Brada took a little longer to join the MC4 party but now we are here and sailing away with the other 200+ SPOs.
Great work IOG’s team.

Everything is changing right now, you should spend at least a few days, probably better a couple of weeks, reading all of the forum posts and learning from them before you think about actually doing anything.

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is the reward the same as or will it change(go lower) too?

if the reward is the same or even more I think it would be more than worth it to read all the forum post.

since running a stake pool take just hardware and internet. with no pledging minimum
which checks all the checkbox

  1. living in a third world country with cheap electricity
  2. having not much money to buy much cardano to pledge with(because my country currency sucks)
  3. having a spare hardware lying around

so it would be more than profitable for me especially the whole my currency sucks things which makes me techinally earn more than working a full-time job in my country LOL

Awesome. Thank you for keeping us updated :slight_smile: