Stake Pool Advice: How to set up a decent speed, stable connection to operate a pool?


I’m really excited to see the Cardano project picking up steam and want to start a pool of my own.

The thing is, I live in a multi-person household, and although we have a decent ISP, it can sometimes get funky, traffic surges during lockdown and all.

I’ve heard some pretty crazy stories about building setups to maximize internet speed, or renting cloud servers to build a relay… But that sounds a bit overkill. I myself don’t think I’ll be able to attract a lot of delegators, besides friends and family, so I assume it’ll be a relatively smaller pool.

What simple advice would you offer someone who is just starting off on testnet?

I’m currently setting up a pool and opted for the cloud set up to hold a consistent connection, and to be able to work on my pool remotely…

Friends and family will grow with their friends and family… Welcome to the community, and good luck!

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