Auditability Workgroup Meeting #2 - Mar 2 @3PM UTC - You're invited

Heya everyone, :wave:

Hope you are doing well.

In November 2022 we’ve kicked off the auditability workgroup re-boot. We’re now due for the second meeting and we’d love you to be there. If you’d like to catch up - here’s the original Cardano Forum post from last year.

Workgroup Meeting #2:

Last meeting we worked out of this miro board. Please review the topics as we’ll build upon our conversations further.

Recording and notes will be shared after the meeting. This invite will be circulated via email sign up list as well.

Looking forward having you there,


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Danny & the Project Catalyst team

Daniel Ribar
Community at Project Catalyst
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Hi Danny, can I be added to the auditability working group? Thanks


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Of course. What is your email - can you DM me please? Thank you.

Thanks, DM-ed you over twitter. Didn’t find a way to DM you through the cardano forum, sorry.

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For the next time: If you click on anybody’s profile picture the private message button is the blue one on the upper right:

Edit: If your forum account is new (or rarely used), you are not allowed to DM. We unfortunately had to restrict that, because too many scammers started writing DMs directly without ever posting publicly (and therefore without a chance to catch them before they get a user).

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