Authenticator - Possible to build this into Daedalus Wallet?

Hi all, first post here.

Would it be possible to integrate the unlocking of our Daedalus wallets with an authenticator like Google Authenticator?

The reason that I ask is that no matter how secure the Daedalus Wallet is & no matter how strong our passwords are, all it takes is keylogger / screen capture malware on our computers and even the best security is bypassed entirely.

This is my biggest fear, and it is why I prefer a cold wallet for storage. This threat vector is where hardware wallets excel - private key is never exposed in a way that can be captured by a keylogger or screen capture malware. (At least that’s my understanding).

I’ve read that a hardware wallet integration (Trezor, Ledger) doesn’t seem to be in the cards but has there been any thought to integrating a 3rd party authenticator (google authenticator comes to mind).?

I don’t know if it is possible or not, but this would go a long way to improving security (unless I’m really misunderstanding things) and it would be pretty exciting news for the community and for the Cardano project as a whole imho.



an extra protection layer would be great!

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Who do you contact when you loose your (Google) authenticator? Can you make a backup of it? (I don’t think so).
Here is a Comparison of Ada wallets and exchanges inclusing hardware wallets.