Auto sell and send Tokens

Hello all,

since begin of our civilization by playing we learn.
finally i have finished my first script, as I am so fascinated with our great Ecosystem.

my goal was check my wallet, if we have new transaction / TxHash, and if it is the proper amount of ADA, then we send our Tokens back to the address, which paid the amount.
in case of wrong payment, then we send back the ADA to original sender. for this case, the recipient pays the fee.

it is public in github :

this current moment, more ideas can be implemented and will work hard to bring more ideas.
next step is for auto-minting and to send Tokens to delegators of our Pool.

it would be great if you give me a feedback for development.
thank you so much.
operator for TTS17

and not to forgen ftpmorph (FTP) · GitHub, which gave me motivation and to work, by reading his script…and doing many changes and updates


today the script is updated.

changes for

  1. checking the TxHash, if there is same TxHash with different TxIn.
    this case if someone from the same transaction send more than one tx-out.
  2. add more variables and chacks, for the case we want to wait for the Transaction to be sent and we have the new Balance and new TxHash. after the new TxHash, we are allowed to start the new “send”.

we work to develop this script with more ideas included.
operator for TTS17

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