Bare metal pool question SPO question

Hi Everyone
Hope you are doing well
im thinking about moving my pool from the aws to a bare metal pool

i have a MSI gx60 1AC that i been thinking about turning into my pool in order to support decentralization with a bare metal pool.
what do you think of this computer for that purpose? will it work well for hydra?

since im not sabi on tech and im working on learning in order to give a good service to the delegaros but i would like to please ask other SPO what they think of a bare metal server with that MSI gx60 1 AC
i would appreciate any comment
Please :slight_smile:

i checked better on the datasheet and its far from it, sorry to come with my ignorance but may i ask for some equipment recommendations please?

Question might be: where do you want to locate your server for good network connection, safe power supply and those things?

If you plan to build at simple home using consumer hardware and no power supply redundancy I would go aim for some cheaper Ryzen 3000 series CPU (AM4 socket), some NVMe SSD (triple level cell) and Mainboard whose BIOS could be updated to Ryzen 5000 series CPUs (once more processing grunt might be required by Goguen). You can fit 16 cores and 128 GB RAM into consumer hardware by now… and prices for 3000 series CPUs will drop now… Do not save money on the Power supply.

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Thanks for your answer.

i have 2 options
i have a friend who owns a data center, with self sufficient energy in emergency case as being monitored 24/7
run it on my home, which is one that makes it easy for me to have control on top of it, i do not own a energy system in case of a electric failure, but still can afford one because im planing on runing my pool forever

i did an small quote on
amd ryzen 3 3200g
asus prime a 320m-k
kingstone kvr24n1 (8gb)
ssd western digital blue 1 tb
cougar vte500 500w

but with your answer it makes me think about how much ram should have to bein available for my pool as the same for more tx from goguen and hydra in the future, how much ram should i have ?
Thanks again for your kind answer and teachings

This is sth. you can only decide for yourself. I, personally, would not like to have a server on an end-user home-connection. Usually you will not have a fixed IP and therefore use dyndns or sth. like this. Down-times of severeal are common als the promised uptime of 99% for most end-users (where I live) still means you can have >80 hours downtime a year… The good thing, of course is, you’ll have direct physical access to your server.

As for RAM, do not go for DDR 2400! Ryzen processors profit a lot from fast memory. Choose at least DDR 3200 CL16 (some people go even higher) becaus you will most likely not replace the ‘old’ memory when upgrading in the future but adding to it. So buying DDR2400 now is wasted money, if you ask me. You will want to use dual-channel mode for speed, so go for two modules. If I were you chose a mainboard with 4 slots, populate two of them with a 2x8GB kit now, and have the option do double the memory later on. (often then slots 1 and 3 are the different channels, with which you would want to start with)

Just my 2 cents. Have fun!

PS: The A320 chipset will not be able to run ryzen 5000 series cpus in the future. If you want to buy sth. now choose at leas b550, or if you’re fine with Q1 2021 you can go with B450 chipsets. Check the manufacturers’ website if they will offer support for the new CPUs in the future

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thanks for your knowledge and kindness to answer my questions. Thanks a lot.
Im going to take in consideration what you told me about the >80hours downtime a year that may affect a lot the performance of the pool and wait until q1 od 2021.
you are very very kind.