Bare metal / baremetal or cloud like AWS, GCS


(Firts post, I dnt know if is there a place for personal presentations)

IT sysadmin, far from linux systems, since 5 years I only work with windows, but motivated to resume.

I’ve discovered Cardano, the project and all this stuff 3 weeks ago and after reading and watching a lot of tutorials, and talking with my boss / friend ( another IT sysadmin) We decide to be in this part of history and here is our first question

¿Bare metal or cloud?
As Sysamin we have a lot of hardware (some ibm / lenovo m3 and m4) and the possibility to use our server room to allocate the servers (with all the advantages UPS/ FIRE / secured from foreing access with 24/7 guard) but we dont have much kbowledge about hardening and security. Also we have some firewalls and routers we can reutilize but not sure if our hardware at the end will be a problem isntead of using a cloud solution.

For us the cost is important. Specially at the begining Our hardware and time have 0 cost but the internet line and fix ip have a cost of 50€ ( about 60$) and we have to wait a lot time for an installation (2 weeks more or less).
RWading at other posts, we see a cloud solution for 2 servers ( one for relay and other for the node) is about 24€/ each one (ec2) with all advantages to work with a big infrastructure. (No fear about ddos, fix ip included, and no need to think in hardware maitenance, electricity consumption etc…)

So according to your experience, wich option is better? It is very “strange” at least from my ignorant point of view to see only 75 baremetal servers and at least 2000 with cloud solution.
My common sense and thinking on distributed solution is to have a baremetal server that allow us to avoid big companies dependance but when 2000 or more pools do the opossite it" time to ask the experts :wink:

Hope to hear your opinions!

Thanks in advance!

You should choose what is better and affordable for u :wink:

If u scare to use cloud solutions because u heard some voices which said that some organizations will/can stop the cardano project… well, this is just a myth :slight_smile:


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bare metal - more control
cloud - more convenient

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Thanks for the answers.

Alex, I’m guilty, I’ve heard that voices haha. But I think Charles Hoskinson talked about that.
AWS kick wikileaks, Paypal is one of the pay options of Amazon. Wikipedia didnt want to talk about cryptos etc etc, I think If they want, they can…But this is for another topic.

I think that it is a good idea to not do what everybody else is doing. Having a good mix of everything is in my opinion best for the overall network. For that reason i think it is a good option to also have some home servers when most of the infra runs on VPS. Anyways ther are many differen Infra providers so really stopping like in the mentioned scenarios above seems not very realistic to me. AwS is for sure not hosting more than 50 of the infrastructure since they are not the cheapest.

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