Beginner's Intro to DeFi

Blockchain technology is all about DEcentralization, and as new technology tools are built using it, they are often named with a “D” for “Decentralization.”

DeFi Stands for “Decentralized Finance” and it refers to all the monetary functions and applications that use blockchain technology. This includes digital money itself, like Bitcoin and Cardano Ada.

It also includes the fast-growing ecosystem of tools that enable transacting with digital money. For example, using digital money to buy goods and services, or replicating other financial services like loans, insurance, and crowdfunding.

For each of these types of services, we are accustomed to dealing with middlemen: Visa or PayPal to process payments, banks for lending and safeguarding money, etc. In every case, these middlemen hold disproportionate power, set all the rules about their cut of the pie, and even control who gets access to services.

DeFi removes the middleman, and offers a new way to think about how we might structure and access financial services.

YouTube - Intro to DeFi

DeFi: Financial tools for the future!