Decentralization and Dapps

Maybe you’ve noticed the proliferation of new tech terms with a “D” slapped on: DeFi, DApps, DEX, DAO– what’s up with that?

The “D” stands for Decentralization, and these new tools demonstrate how blockchain technology and decentralization are creating new possibilities for the future:

Today let’s talk about DApps

DApps are simply computer applications that are designed to run on a decentralized network. These include apps for DeFi, but they can also include web browsers, games, voting, supply chain management systems, Charitable giving and the list goes on.

We are all familiar with computer and phone apps - you might be reading this on an app! DApps are leveraging decentralization to explore a new frontier in software applications.

Decentralization & DApps YouTube Video

Introduction to Decentralized Applications

DApps on Cardano - a unique approach

DApps in the Real World - Present and Future

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