Beginning Cardano (Haskell) Devlopment

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For those of us that want to learn Haskell/how to develop contracts with Cardano, are there any guides or resources that you recommend. Better yet, is there a “Learn to Develop with Cardano” page on



Haskell is the language used to build Cardano core components like the SL (settlement layer => the basic blockchain) or the computation layer or the Daedalus wallet.
Developing smart contracts , afaik , will be possible on multiple different techniques, from existing smart contract languages, to (explicitely) new created ones relying on the same functional principles like Haskell (Plutus and also with some modular, visual “drag&drop” style environments ( Marlowe

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If you simply want to learn Haskell to get a head start on understanding the functional paradigm for Plutus, I’d recommend either: (free)


@Kode_Coin With Cardano, any K-defined language will be possible. Here is the full list K framework · GitHub

You don’t need to learn Haskell, the language of the protocol, as explained above by @werkof, but you can. You can also develop your own semantics and it will be translated by the IELE VM. :slight_smile:

A thing of beauty!


This is a thing of beauty! I would love to use my K language skills (such as JavaScript), and appreciate all the insights.

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