Yes. ANY K defined language can be used to develop Smart Contracts. Not just Haskell. This means C, Java, JavaScript, Solidity and many more

Even within the community, I keep seeing inaccurate information regarding the future smart contracts platform, some claiming that only Haskell can be used to develop them. It’s false. Haskell/Plutus is used for programming the protocol which is different than the actual dApps, for which any language that has formal semantics in K, such as C, Java, JavaScript, Solidity, Plutus, and many more will be possible. Otherwise Cardano wouldn’t be 3rd generation :slight_smile:

Just to remove any doubts, IOHK has funded last year a company called RunTime Verification, who is developing IELE, a next-generation virtual machine and a universal language framework to be used as core infrastructure for future blockchain technologies. IELE = ultimate compatibility between all blockchains

IELE is used as a “universal translator” for all these languages to be “readable” by Haskell/Plutus… A beautiful thing!

==> RunTime Verification works with NASA, they are no jokers.

Read this article for more details and thanks to @ADALove for sharing. Just wanted to state it in the title for more visibility :slight_smile:

Explanation from Charles himself in the Boxmining Interview (from 1:13.00 to 1:19.00)


This is great, it would be too bad if there is only one difficult language to compile Dapp.

Makes a lot of sense.
I just hope to see more regulation in the space.