Haskell or Plutus

I have a question here. Sometimes I heard that Haskell is used for Cardano platform. The othertime I heard the Plutus will be used for the CSL and CCL. Would anyone give me some education here, please? Thanks a lot

Haskell is the real life language that is used by IOHK to create the Cardano SL node.

Plutus is a language created by IOHK. Kinda looks like Haskell and created by one of the guys that made Haskell. And will be used as one of the available languages in IELE VM to write smart-contracts.

Main Ethereum client is created with Python. But smart-contracts are created using Solidity.

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Thanks a lot for your info.
So Haskell is for CSL only? how about CCL?

Cardano-CL is written in Scala, like Mantis (ETC client from IOHK)

seems too hard for me:). Thanks anyway.