Plutus vs Vyper

Has anybody ever done comparison between the two languages? I’m coming from python background and the syntax of Vyper seems to be more natural to me. Would be interested if they are similar, I know the plan with IELE is to have write once and run anywhere. Is having a need to know Plutus/Haskell made it a disadvantage? Thank you.

I don’t believe its a disadvantage as learning those will help understand how Cardano works. I speak with just starting to learn Plutus 1 week ago and set up a Cardano Node on test net 2 weeks ago. As I work on contracts in Plutus I find more understanding with how epochs and transactions work.

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You will have the best experience in the long run with Plutus on the mainchain. Some features will also only be available for Plutus, it’s definitely worth the time and in the future you will benefit from learning it.