Hi from Switzerland

Hi everyone!

I discovered blockchain one year ago and I am enthusiastic about this new technology. Cardano is one of my top favorite projects, I believe it has an amazing potential that will keep unfolding in the next years ahead.

I am a late bloomer in technology (in my late forties), but millenial in heart :smiley: and I started to learn coding only a few months ago. I am currently working in the administrative field in an international organization, I used to work as a web designer back in the Internet bubble days, but today I would like to reorient my career to the blockchain field.

So I started educating myself and watching videos about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solidity and as I said, I started to learn coding (Python, Javascript, Ruby and Solidity, which is difficult but really exciting - as in the future I would like to build dApps and write smart contracts).

I know most of you guys are developers with much experience and understanding, but what would you advise to me to get started specifically with Cardano?

As I understand from other posts, a good advice is to learn Solidity and how to write smart contracts, and yes I started to take this path. How Cardano smart contracts differ from those written on the top of the Ethereum blockchain?

Furthermore, what would you advise me to learn more about Cardano specifics, such as Daedalus, Ouroboros? Should I learn coding in Haskell?

Your inputs would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

All the best,


I don’t know much code
As far as I know I think you can’t go wrong with learning Haskell ( plutus is another smart contract language based on Haskell and I have also heard of language called plutus core same language with mix of Haskell )
Couple others I would be interested in investigating are ADA and spark

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Welcome @vinchik !

I highly recommend you read about Plutus and Marlow in the below post.


Hello Vincent! Welcome to the fine forum and wonder Cardano Community! All the best in your future endeavors :slight_smile:

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Hi Tom! Sorry about the late reply. Thanks a lot for your link, I will read the post carefully. All the best to the whole IOHK team :smiley:

Hi CryptoFox! Thank you for your warm welcome! :+1: (sorry about the late reply…)

Yes, Haskell looks like the starting place with all functional language… I will have a look on the other languages you mentioned, thanks!