A class of Haskell-Plutus at the West University of Timisoara, Romania

Hello everyone and happy new year!

Today I had a discussion with my friend Ovidiu Megan, Associate Professor of Dr. Accounting and Auditing at the West University of Timisoara, Romania about the blockchain, the crypto industry and Cardano.

I told him that I have been involved in this industry for almost 4 years and I told him about the Cardano platform, about the philosophy behind it and about the way it is built. My friend was surprised to find out so many interesting things. Without thinking too much, I proposed to build a special class for Haskell and Plutus at the West University of Timisoara. And his answer was YES! Let’s do it!

Therefore, I came here to ask for guidance from the community, about the steps I have to follow to bring this project to reality.

It is an important project for our community and I do not know exactly how it could be financed: through decentralized funds or directly by the Cardano Foundation and IOHK

I am waiting for your opinions and advice.



How about to finance it with the dcfund3? :slight_smile:

Anyway great idea and commitment :+1:


It’s a good idea, but I think no matter where the funds come from, the Foundation and the IOG need to get involved in this collaboration.


It would be fantastic if this class and materials would be made available online.


There is great material on Udemy from a course created by IOHK and there is also a book on plutus link:

Also, i would be interested to attend such a class myself. :slightly_smiling_face:


@Lars_Brunjes is in charge of all education projects, you may want to reach out to @Joshua_Miller as well


Thanks for the suggestion. In the meantime, I realized that we also could open a Marlowe class or course, because Dr. Ovidiu Megan specializes in economics:

  • International accounting
  • Ways to finance investments through non-reimbursable funds
  • Educational entrepreneurship
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