Getting started with blockchain development

Hello Cardano Community.
I am a professional software engineer working in the world of web/app development & DevOps. I am interested in learning about blockchain development. Especially working in Cardano eco-space. I am a true believer of this project and I think this platform has great potential. Any suggestions on how I can get started? I understand that the best way to learn new things is to start hacking around with the tools and technologies, but any suggestion would be appricated.
Thanks again.

Hello @Hodlr,

A great way to start is the free Udemy course for Marlowe:

There is also one for Plutus:

Btw you can get the Plutus book on Leanpub for a price you set yourself, even for free:


If you are an OO software developer, you might want to give functional programming a serious consideration…preferably Haskell. Learn You A Haskell

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