Where to start from a non-developer to developer?

Hi guys, I’m a huge fan of the community, have high ambitious goals within the blockchain of cardano.

When I went to the Cardano communal event, I noticed no-one could point me to the right direction/space besides here for help.

I’ve never developed, but I’m going to learn one way or another. Do I start with Haskell? Some said python, I’m learning right now, but how does that translate? It’s very confusing for the average person getting into this space with it being very technical.

Thank you in advance!


Tommy Jenkins


it really depends on your background. If you just started learning programming (pyhthon) and understanding blockchains, I’d suggest to take your time learning python, and then play a bit wirth Marlowe Playground. Haskell is a very specific language which you should definitely learn if you want to develop smart contracts with plutus. This totally depends on your goals. If you just want to make basic financial smart-contracts you will be fine with marlowe.


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