Best practices to update pool version without affecting desirability

Hi guys,

I’m currently setting up my stake pool.
As a devops and developer, when I use public repo, I like to keep the versions updated as frequently as possible, in order to be on tracks with the latest version of the libs/app/products.
For cardano-node, I was wondering what was the best way to regular updated to the latest version without affecting the desirability of the stake pool.
Is there any best practices for this?

Thanks in advance,


Hey @Anslume

Can you define what you mean by desirability? do you mean the ranking as it is shown in daedalus/yoroi? or are you referring to another value?

Being up to date with versions seems a proper priority, but isnt the IOHK github the place to check then?

Bas @ Staykpool

Hi @Anslume and welcome to the club.

I suggest you join these telegram channels:


You will then be updated perfectly.

Good luck!

Dear both,

Thank you for your replies. and for the tips.
Yes I’m starting to gather all the different groups for pools operators.
Also, I noticed with the new version (1.26.1) some useful docs, which enlightened me on the best way forward.