Best server monitoring tool for uptime ... Windows to AWS

Hi Folks,

I’m slowly getting close to having a safely operating pool. I am a Windows expert user and plan to run my pools as a service on AWS with no live connection. I would like to have an app that lets me know my servers are operating/alive. Specifically, I want to know if/when they crash. I do not want to keep any terminal windows open …

What are some of the best server ‘heart beat’ monitoring tools for Windows, Android or iOS phone?

I do not mind paying …

All suggestions are appreciated …

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You can take a look at PRTG. Available for Windows, iOS and Android.

It’s free for 100 captors.

Grafana and Prometheus is still the best duo. (No mobile app)

You can get metrics directly from cardano node.

I never tested on Windows environnement.

On Linux box, you can get a bunch of data.
My dashboard,

Be sure to monitor core’s TX, time synching and peer’s connections.

Happy monitoring :slight_smile:


I will check these out.

Thank you …