Software to monitor stake pool uptime (for relays and block producer)

My stake pool is online and running. I’ve installed Prometheus and Grafana, but as far as i can see, it doesnt ALERT me if for some reason either a relay, or the BP, isnt online.

Anyone got suggestions?

I figured software that just regularly pings my servers to check the port is responding might work.

But I’m after suggestions and solutions others are using. Thanks.

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I currently use, nice and free :smiley:
Can also be combined with Pushover (android/IOS) for push notifications


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Uptimerobot is great… but the limitation is that you can’t monitor things that are not open to public (uptime robot has to have access to those ports), but it’s a simple tool that does its job well.

If you are looking for Enterprise level monitoring I could suggest using zabbix ( which is a free, but sophisticated monitoring tool. It can send notifications through many channels, I’m using Telegram Bot and Signl4, and I have peace of mind (and don’t have to sit all the time at Grafano screen :slight_smile: ) that none of the servers have issues or is close to having one as you are getting info about the health of your server (disks, ram, cpu, network, ports, processes, file changes, security…etc) as well you can monitor all the Prometheus data… and set alerts if something goes wrong…


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