|------> * !BEWARE! The most used types of SCAMS! * <------|

Fake Wallets

With the launch of Alonzo, many fake wallets will be launched on play store.

That’s why it is a big NO for you to pick any wallet randomly from the play store because there are chances that it will be fraudulent and you may end up losing your money.

Though these wallets may promise you the seed and control of your funds, never fall for them without proper due-diligence.

It is one of the easiest ways to scam people and happens many times during the launch of Hardforks. These wallets take your seed or private keys and rip you off.

Phishing Scams

Phishing scams are another common form of scam in the cryptosphere.

Here, the scammers will try to get your username, password, or seed keys somehow by fooling you. Mostly the attackers use two methods to achieve this:

Fake Airdrops


The most sophisticated form of scam.

In this type of crypto scam, scammers make fake Twitter and Facebook OR hijack YouTube account to impersonate the actual legit project or the person behind it.

You will find many impersonators on Facebook/Reddit/Youtube acting like Charles Hoskinson or Binance’s CEO and announcing airdrops/giveaways etc which are never true.

This search and copy/paste/alter some sh*t, took me about 5 solid minutes. (UUHHH)

I’ll leave, again, the lastest video from hoskinson for you to be watchfull:

Pass it along on your networks (or don’t).



It is sad to see people fall for such scams. Everyone in the community that has any knowledge should work with those who are new to the project to stop scams from happening. I am using my reddit acc as a way to spread the word but it will never be enough…


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Hi my memory does not serve me well these days and with all this talk about scams and fake wallets I can not remember if I created my Yoroi browser wallet from Cardano.org. I always use coin market cap to copy token addresses when I do swaps on Dex’s like Uniswap or Quick swap and probably used the same to get the cardano website and followed the prompts to create the wallet. does ADA have a explorer like ETHER scan or BSC scan so I can add my Yuroi wallet address and reconcile the transactions with that address thanks


There you go:


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Thanks jpsrrv

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