Fake Website Alert: Yoroi Wallet

Scam Alert!

We’ve been notified about fake replica Yoroi Wallet websites being sponsored on Google that potentially drain user accounts. It’s no secret that scams are prevalent in #crypto so please be vigilant when using any wallet in the ecosystem.

Illegitimate Yoroi websites can appear on Google search results. Here are some recommended best practices to ensure you’re using legitimate links:

r/cardano - Fake Website Alert: Yoroi Wallet

  • Book mark the official Yoroi Wallet website yoroi-wallet.com.
  • For a list of trusted ecosystem wallets see the list provided here.
  • When in doubt visit our Official Twitter Account (@YoroiWallet) to get our official website, and find any support links you need there.

Join us in protecting Yoroi users through the Cardano Fraud Detection Bureau, which is a crowdsourced list of Cardano related suspicious sites/URLs that has been created to help the community stay safe!

If you come across a suspicious account or a website that doesn’t look right, report it here: https://cfdb.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portals

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yes, and keep an eye out for misspellings & bad grammar (unfortunately non-native English speakers can be at a disadvantage here)… e.g. wollet instead of “wallet” :grimacing:

Absolutely. The good scams will do their best to get it right, but that’s definitely a red flag.