Big governance problem in the near future

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Yes, I am very impressed with Charles’ approach to everything really so I will continue to get increasingly involved . .

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Yes, my Avatar Phi Rho project will do the opposite - learn a lot about a single individual . .


Can you explain how it is different than representative democracy and what impressed you the most?

I wasn’t speaking specifically about that aspect - I meant pretty much everything to do with the design, development thinking and problems it is designed to address - of Cardano as a total system. While I think there is a lot of scope for crypto to improve on what “democracy” actually means and how we can get it to work better, if you read the stuff I have written above, you will know that I am sceptical that it will be able to make a sufficient difference to change the course of where we are headed - the ship is still headed for the iceberg and not only is it not changing course, it is accelerating . .

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Thanks for those video links - they were all excellent! I have passed #2 on to my magistrate friend and I might post a YT comment for Charles on #3.

Thanks for the link! I agree these tendencies for AI to reveal to us some of our societies worst traits need to be carefully considered. I’m not an expert on AI, but I think some of these challenges will eventually be overcome, and perhaps these tools are showing us that our modern society needs to take more action on combating racism and bias online. Perhaps they will help us understand the collective consciousness of the world, and course correct our collective group think if it becomes obvious we are heading in the wrong direction. To put it another way, in regards to this article, should we be concerned about racist AI systems, or should we be concerned about the prevalence of racism online and in our media? The Ai system is holding up a mirror of the internet- our collective mind, and showing us some of the ugly sides. I think during the next 50 years, the most important ‘jobs’ will be in the fields of philosophy, ethics, and empathy. As we continue to build more powerful AI minds and governance systems increasingly empowered by technology, the ancient philosophical debates about what is the the most ethical way forward will become more important than ever, as the consequences of our decisions will have increasingly greater impact on society.

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I think the obvious answer is both. Meanwhile, I believe that the training texts should be carefully selected and edited. Which some will call censorship. Which is tough. :sob:


I have watched this video suggested by @XZact , It’s very good video by Charles addressing idea about Governance Governance Thoughts for 2021 - YouTube this helps clarify some part of my questions

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Thank you for starting this conversation.

These are the issues that we, the Cardano Community, will need to discuss and ideate to develop a sound democratic system for Cardano, ADA, holders.

Just as a counterargument to some of your concerns. Recently, in Australia, there was a general election for parliamentary seats. The leaders of the time truly though they would have no problem winning again, but they lost. Why did they lose?

Mainly, they really didn’t listen, or try to understand, what the people were concerned about. There were many people based organisations educating voters about these concerns for weeks, months before the election. Since Australia is one of the few countries with compulsory voting (people who don’t vote are fined $$), most people try to educate themselves to a level they are comfortable with, to help make their voting choices.

What could this mean for Cardano voting?
Well, I don’t believe we should make voting compulsory, but we could provide a reward to voters for important topics. Same as we have for Catalyst. We also need to have a clear education system in place to inform voters about the pros and cons. This could be done using a similar system to Cardano Pick, which one connects their wallet to, and receives points for the number of voter education articles read. These points may, give a weight to the users’ vote, or x number of points collected before voting, it’s just an idea at this time.

There are many ways, we as a community, will ideate and discuss the future of voting coming into the age of Voltaire.