Big governance problem in the near future

I copy the content from the email I that I’ve sent to Cardano team. you guys please share opinion to improve the project. the following are the email content (I broke all the video links into https with space because the system do not permit me to include more than 2 links into the post sorry for the inconvenience):

Dear Cardano team,

Please get Charles Hoskinson to read this, else your project is gonna fail.

I found a big flaw in your system. I love Cardano so much and I want you guys to keep continue doing this great work. So please listen to the big flaw I found.

The biggest problem in your system is in the Phase 5 “VOLTAIRE” or the Governance.

h t t p s://

Let me address the problem.

We have to look back at the beginning of the Democracy. Here is the link of why Socrates hated Democracy:

h t t p s ://

This is why the US has to choose between Hillary and Trump or Biben and Trump. You can argue that it is because of the corrupting system but another factor is that people can’t make rational decision.

Let me explain briefly of why people can’t make rational decision. Look at the “2016 United Kingdom European Union membership referendum”

h t t p s://

You need to research more on this topic, If I remember correctly 50% of people voting do not understand what Brexit is and the Google statistic shows that they all searching the keyword “what is EU?” after the voting has closed.

h t t p s://

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People do not have time to learn about what Brexit is and do not have knowledge enough to understand about the subject.

So you need to consider the main problem with Democracy otherwise your project will fail at Phase 5.

Please look at this quote “IOHK develops the technology, the Cardano Foundation is responsible for supervising development and promoting Cardano, while Emurgo drives commercial adoption.”

Can you see those words? “develops the technology”, “supervising development and promoting Cardano” and “drives commercial adoption”

It is from your page

h t t p s://

Do you know what this mean? It means there is no organization or team that take the Governance problem seriously enough. I believe most of you born in Democracy country and get addicted to it (I apologize if I use some word incorrectly because English is not my first language). Don’t get used to Democracy without question about it.

So, let me present to you the other side of the coin. I think you should learn some great idea from these resource and combine it to your governance democracy style to improve your work.

You have to watch all of these videos:

h t t p s://

h t t p s://

h t t p s://

h t t p s://

h t t p s://

I’m not saying that all the content in the Video is correct. But it shows the other side of the coin which is invaluable.

In conclusion, you have to remember that Adolf Hitler won an election. be careful, make it easy for people to evaluate between different policy or different candidate(representative) then they can vote rationally (assume that they have time to study the subject which someone might not have). Provide easy to understand Data and Statistic (I have watched an Interview of a guy from Wolfram team that partner with Cardano, I think they could provide great help).

Please address these issues and put it on your website so everyone can see it.



So… what’s the problem? and what is your proposed solution?

Welcome to the community, and thanks for saving us from the perils of democracy.

Cardano has not yet entered the Voltaire stage, but when they do, I’m pretty sure that IOHK will do the required research and then the community along with the guidance of the IOHK research and the Cardano Foundation will create a workable functioning democratic system of governance. While we wait for the Voltaire stage to be completed, you might enjoy reading some of their previous research.

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You might also want to review some of the thoughts and ideas of our supreme leader
Cheers :slight_smile:

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thank you so much for these great resources. I will watch all of these video to learn more :relaxed:

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I am now 69 and have been involved in activist, progressive politics all my life and have come to the conclusion that Representative Democracy is now a failed experiment. Also, I can’t see that the myriad problems in our current situation can be resolved before the finalisition of the World’s Last Mass Extinction (TWLME).

I pigeon-hole myself now as an “Anarcho-Libertarian Socialist” (which will mean something different to everyone who reads it - of course - and has some idea of what the individual words mean). I have a little hope that the crypto and related tech revolutions might yet help to preserve and create an advanced technological civilisation where no-one goes hungry or thirsty or wants for shelter and a substantial education that promotes creativity and critical thinking. However, while there are bright spots, the weight of evidence increasingly indicates that we are doomed as a species - and probably whithin single digit years. The combination of a crash in bio-diversity and incompetent national leadership’s in the world have formed vicious, multiply interacting feedback loops - causing an acceleration in the occurrence of environmental “Tipping Points” from which there almost certainly no way to recover from and so the TWLME has now entered its last phase.


please kindly search for what “aristocrat” means now and what was this period in ancient Athens.

if something doesnt work, doesnt mean that this process or theory is not correct.
if a priest is doing something wrong, the religion is not the problem.
we are human beings and we have to face this “Bug” :slight_smile:

the solution is, one step before the problem, and is called “education”… education not to bring more “workers” for a system, but to have citizens with critical mind.

best Regards from


if someone is looking for something, should be the “root cause”, speaking like an engineer.

for all human problems, root cause is the “ego” we have…speaking like a thinker…

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As someone who is about half your age, I agree that if we continue along as we have for most of your generation, than there is not much hope. However, I am more optimistic in the potential for quickly accelerating (exponential) change to shift things in a positive direction. Cardano can be a big part of that, but exponential disruptive technology is exploding across many aspects of life. The way I envision Cardano, it’s not about fighting against a failing system, it’s simply about building a better one. I couldn’t imagine a more peaceful and elegant solution. Deception of exponential growth - infographic - SLAAK - Futures Research & Strategy

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I hope you are right but I’m fairly confident you are wrong . .

The mistake that technologists, engineers, futurists and, in general, non-biologists (and even some biologists) who don’t understand the impoortance inter and intra-species diversity and the rate at which it is being lost (and can never be recovered) is not factored into their predictions. Here is my exponential graph:


I think we are closer to the blue line than the green line . .

yeah… for the ‘most intelligent’ species on the planet, it’s a little strange that we have chosen to be so ruthlessly efficient in our complete destruction of all the worlds life support systems.

My youthful ignorance and cognitive dissonance will not allow me to conclude that there is no hope…
Sustainability really is all that matters, and I think once we can fix our financial system and our political systems, than we can address the sustainability issue. no big deal. These global systems that got us into this mess are just not designed to get us out of it. However, there is still hope in the power of disruptive technology to completely change how we live in a short period of time. (And I’ve met more brilliant genius teenagers in my life than brilliant 70 year olds. No offence intended, but todays problems require a certain flexibility of mind and a creative imagination that is rare in the 65+ demographic that rules the world. My hope and inspiration comes from the generation below me, not the dinosaurs in political offices)



The systems you mention are the result of our own thinking: financial systems, political systems, sustainability policies, etc. We cannot fix one after the other because they’re all interwoven with themselves, other systems and our functioning as human beings. We need to peel back on one more layer, we need to fix ourselves, we need to develop our understanding of the interconnectedness of things. When we then are more invested in sustainable solutions because of this, enough support will exist to change things forever. The most important technology due for a big update is us.

In the field of psychology we can develop such an update. And in that field specifically big contributions tend to come at a later age and that is at odds with your statements on brilliant genius teenagers. There definitely are genius 70 year olds. They just don’t look like what you’d see portrayed in “The Queens gambit”.


I just saw one video in the list, the first one :
The video is recorded in 2013 but amazingly true facts. There is a point, valid and worthy. But democratic values are ruling the world, despite a number of failures. The popularity of communism is not the same as democracy. Today’s society is run on greed and market economy. Fairness is tough, whichever governance you adopt.


completely agree with the author. A lot of people don’t know what is crypto, what is a wallet, what is a blockchain etc. Baby steps please.


I think the democratic country should balance between Election and Selection process. As China has some degree of success in implementing it. This short clip would be a helpful resource: Selection and election: How China chooses its leaders - YouTube

Yes, the word “intelligent” becomes debatable from that perspective.

I hope you are are correct but, like I said previously, I am pretty confident you are not.

Incorrect - depending on what you mean by “sustainability” exactly . . see here:

Clearly you have not been actively involved in these political systems for decades and “fixing” them is probably not possible in the very short amount of time we have left . .

I agree with that - you are channelling Einstein . .

The exponential growth of some techs is easily counterbalanced by the exponentially growing chance of environmental collapse - I gave this talk in 2010:

PHR - The Race for Survival - Singularity Summit Australia 2010

That is easily explained by the people you hang around with . .

No offence taken - I am glad that you took the time to respond! - and I agree with you to some extent . .

I agree with that too if only because it gets harder to keep up a high level of political activity as you get older (I have been involved since I could walk). Also, in this particular case, the younger generations have everything to lose - although, because I am interested in Radical Life Extension and exploring the rest of the Universe, I too, have everything to lose . .

Sustainability does come in many flavours and debatable definitions…
Personally I like to oversimplify the definition, sustainability is “The ability of a species to survive” (and I believe our survival depends on the survival of the ecology and environment around us) So when I say sustainability is all that matters, I mean that finding a way for our species to survive indefinitely is all that matters. (or at least lets aim to get through a couple more generations)

the ‘no big deal’ comment was meant to hint at my sarcasm. Yes it appears to be almost impossible, but humans have achieved some pretty remarkable things…and this crazy new blockchain idea could quickly replace political/economic systems in our generation.

Very interesting talk… thanks for sharing. I sincerely hope that radical life extension comes to fruition. I think if humans lived for 7 generations or more, they would be more inclined to think long term about issues like sustainability. It’s too easy for most of us to just try and enjoy the few years we have, and not really care about the distant future. And if we do care, and try to bring significant change, it seems almost impossible to change our political/economic systems. (p.s. I’m currently stratifying some Sequoia redwood seeds in my refrigerator… Maybe you will get a chance to enjoy their shade in a few thousand years)

I’ve already explored the rest of the universe, and there’s nothing else out there. It’s just us.

OK, as an ex-population geneticist, mine would be: “A state of negligible loss of both inter and intra-species diversity over millenial time frames.” - ATM these measures have been crashing over one or two human lifetimes - we will soon see crashes in whole ecosystems because of it (exacerbated by the political problems we have been talking about).

No argument there of course . .

In that we are more-or-less on the same page - my qualified view is that probably the only way for humans to survive now is as uploaded, cybernetic organisms.

Ah . . missed that . .

I do have some hope that the new techs could help - I think Representative Democracy has clearly failed and it would be nice if something actually democratic and fully participatory could be air-dropped in globally overnight . .

Exactly! If people could live for as long as they wanted to and could check out voluntarily if they ever got too bored, then that would be the best solution . . who would want to completely f#ck up and still be around to have to face their very upset descendants?

100% agreement there.

I will hold you to that promise . .

OK, I didn’t miss that one! - but I think you are probably correct in terms of “intelligent” civilisations - Drake Eqn etc . .

Thanks for the interesting / intelligent conversation . .

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@XZact ,

I found another graphic:

Deception of exponential growth - infographic - SLAAK - Futures Research & Strategy

which if inverted, is the same as mine - but change:

  • “disappointment” to “carelessness / inability to deal with fundamental problems on a planet-wide scale / stupidity / etc”
  • “chaos, disruption, amazement” to “The World’s Last Mass Extinction”
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I don’t think it’ll be ready for tomorrow, but it’s on its way, don’t give up hope just yet. I believe Charles has the right vision, and I’ve watched most of his youtube videos (like the one below) so I am hopeful he/we will find a way to deliver on that vision. I think what needs to be undone/replaced is both the economic incentives of our world, and political motivations (which are currently hog tied to each other) It’s not just a new financial system, but also collective decision making tools (governance) and media and education… ok maybe education systems are at the root of the problem, but can we fix education without fixing government and economics? Everything is so intertwined and interdependent… We need new tools and new ways of thinking for this strange new world we are creating (as we destroy the old one)
I’m also intrigued by the ‘strategic’ partnership between Cardano and Wolfram Alpha and Singularity Net. I hope they also work together with OpenAI, as I’ve recently discovered some pretty amazing work being done with GPT-3 and DALL·E… these tools will evolve quickly and potentially help us make decisions regarding decentralized governance, and solving everyday problems. (Unless someone puts these AI systems into Boston Dynamic’s Atlas, then we will just be robot food lol.)

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GPT-3 and similar projects, trained on massive bodies of text from the web, as you’d expect reproduce what they find there.

‘For Some Reason I’m Covered in Blood’: GPT-3 Contains Disturbing Bias Against Muslims

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